Letter to the Editor: 1/15/13

By Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

In response to Joshua Phillips’ letter to the editor on January 11th, it appears that Mr. Phillips neglects one of the central points of Daniel Okwaisie’s column on Jan. 8 (“Science and religion can, should coexist”). As Okwaisie mentioned, scientific study and religious beliefs can be used to reinforce each other. From the perspective of someone who has faith in a particular religion, pursuing scientific knowledge can often reaffirm one’s faith in a God who created such a complex and intricate world that it could not be any other way. For example, many notable academic achievements were accomplished by followers of the Islamic faith, including discoveries and advancements in architecture, astronomy, medicine and mathematics. Hence, it was possible for these people of faith to reach extraordinary academic milestones without compromising their religious beliefs. Thus, when it comes to finding a balance between academic pursuits and faith in God, a choice does not have to be made to swing to only one side of the spectrum. Rather, it is possible to reach a middle point where both intellectual reasoning and religious beliefs can coincide.

Louie Al-Hashimi

Board Member, Muslim Student Association

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences