Letter to the Editor: 11/15/12

By Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Just last week, our generation’s voice was heard loud and clear in the national election. Now more than ever, students are seeking a president who can relate to the issues we face on a daily basis.

In Thursday’s Student Government Board election, one presidential candidate seeks to be a true representative of Pitt’s student body.

Natalie Rothenberger has been running on the platform that she will not only bring viable and important plans to the forefront but, more importantly, she will also be connected with the student body after the election. Her strong stance on bringing SGB and the student body together cannot be matched by any other candidate, and having a president who seeks this connection is like the gift that keeps on giving. While all of the SGB candidates have brought forward concerns and their prospective plans to correct those issues, no one else has offered to hear what the students have to say.

Many students on our campus barely know what SGB is, yet alone what it does. A candidate who seeks a continuous, strong connection to the student body will strengthen the bridge between students and the Board, which has so much influence on our campus activities.

It would be redundant to repeat Natalie’s extensive qualifications, and the candidates all have impressive accomplishments to put on their resumés. However, she has done an exceptional job of being a leader on our campus and still caring about the entire student body. Natalie soars beyond the opposition when it comes to her ability to connect with others and be the amiable president Pitt needs, students need and our community needs.


Brock Stein

College of Business Administration