Staff Picks: Pizza Party


Eric Amundson

Our Visual Editor Jane loves the seating area inside Sorrento’s Pizza Roma on Atwood Street. (Photo by Anne Amundson | Staff Photographer)

By The Pitt News Staff

One thing most Pitt students learn during their first few months on campus is that they must choose sides for the ongoing battle between Sorrento’s Pizza Roma and Antoon’s Pizza.  Both sit on Atwood Street in South Oakland and both are frequented by Pitt students. The allegiance of some students lies with Sorrento’s — but others will fight until the end for Antoon’s. Luckily, The Pitt News staff is here to share their thoughts on both shops — and a few others.

Antoon’s Pizza // Grant Burgman, News Editor

In the great debate of Oakland pizza spots, I stand firmly in Antoon’s corner. There is nothing quite like the anticipation of standing crammed against Antoon’s counter, looking over all of the options of toppings for your pizza, some standard, some bizzare — powdered sugar? Try it.

You’ll have a hard time finding a better pizza for only $6. An Antoon’s pie is the exact kind of greasy masterpiece to gorge yourself with when studies, work or life is getting you down. I’ve made several trips to Antoon’s after a late night at TPN. Their pizza has never failed to cure my anxieties if only for one lone, greasy, cheesy minute.

If you happen to prefer Sorrento’s or another fine Oakland pizza establishment, that’s fine. It’s your right. But you’re wrong.

Our News Editor Grant is a strong supporter of Antoon’s Pizza on Atwood Street. (Photo by Anne Amundson | Staff Photographer)

Sorrento’s Pizza Roma // Jane Millard, Visual Editor

Sorrento’s is hands-down the best spot for late-night pizza. Unlike Antoon’s, they have a full seating area with booths and tables.

Sorrento’s is arguably the most popular pizza spot around campus — on a Friday or Saturday night around 11 p.m., the line for a $6 large pizza will go out the door. This is likely thanks to its unbelievable, melty and delicious cheese, making it nearly impossible to pass up, no matter how long you have to wait.

Taking a seat at one of the bright red wooden booths and eating an entire pizza with a side of Sorrento’s legendary ranch dressing is an essential part of a weekend at Pitt. It’s no doubt the best way to end a night out.

Pie Express // Samuel Weber, Staff Writer

In the life of a semi-broke college student, the combination of both good food and low prices is a godsend. Because it meets both of these standards, Pie Express is my go-to pizza place on campus. It may not have the same legendary reputation as Antoon’s or Sorrento’s, but it is proving itself to be a strong new contender in the battle for pizza supremacy.

Pie Express does not offer the same view out onto the street as the other pizza places do, but what it does offer is a good-sized personal pizza with endless toppings for cheap. The $5 personal pies from Pie Express are delicious and the establishment itself offers something valuable for the on-the-go college student — quick service. Since it uses a coal-fired oven, Pie Express promises that your pizza will be ready to eat about three minutes after ordering.

Many nights, I’ve walked over to its location on Oakland Avenue to get a study snack, grateful for its late hours — open until 3 a.m. — and close location. If it started accepting Panther Funds, it would no doubt earn the title of best pizzeria at Pitt.

Our Culture Editor Sarah praises Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza for their dairy-free and gluten-free pizzas. (Photo by Anne Amundson | Staff Photographer)

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza // Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

I live the painful existence of being severely lactose intolerant. On too many occasions, I have sat and watched my friends eat cheesy pizza while trying to live vicariously through their joy. I thought I would never get to experience the delight of taking a bite of a slice of pizza until Lotsa opened up on Forbes Avenue in Oakland, just across from the Starbucks at Forbes and Atwood.

Lotsa allows guests to build their own pizza and offers several options for people like me with dietary restrictions. I can get vegan cheese and add on any vegetables, meat and seasonings that I want. For people who are gluten-sensitive, Lotsa even offers a gluten-free crust. Finally, a place where all can experience the bliss of eating pizza.

For the everyday pizza lover who can eat anything and everything, Lotsa delivers exceptional satisfaction. Guests can replace the usual marinara with buffalo sauce, get fresh mozzarella cheese instead of shredded and take advantage of the daily lunch specials — a different specialty pizza each day of the week for $5.99 from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m.