Train derails near Station Square

(Janine Faust | Contributing Editor)

(Janine Faust | Contributing Editor)

By The Pitt News Staff

Several freight cars of a Norfolk Southern train came off their tracks around 1:09 p.m. Sunday near Station Square, according to Pittsburgh Police spokesperson Chris Togneri.

No injuries were reported, Togneri said. City Officials don’t yet know what caused the crash or exactly how many cars derailed. One derailed car was carrying Listerine mouthwash, which filled the air around the scene with a minty scent.

A few blocks of East Carson are closed due to the derailment. Dan Gilman, Mayor Bill Peduto’s Chief of Staff, said he doesn’t know how long cleanup will take. According to Togneri, Norfolk Southern will provide cleanup equipment.

“The city of Pittsburgh does not have the equipment to remove freight cars,” Togneri said.

Norfolk Southern could not be reached for comment.

(Janine Faust, Contributing Editor)

“The pictures online do not do it justice,” bystander Emily Bull from Carnegie said.

North Hills resident Ann Leitch said she saw the scene after biking across the 16th Street Bridge.

“I feel bad for anyone with a commute. I’m just glad no one was hurt,’ Leitch said.

The train landed near Port Authority’s tracks by Station Square, according to Port Authority spokesperson Adam Brandolph. Port Authority has since established shuttles to replace the T service.

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