Lab Naturals PCR: A possible solution to your anxiety


Murray Avenue Apothecary is one of Pittsburgh’s foremost providers of CBD products.

By Nicholas Zarras, Contributor

The Fall 2018 semester has already surpassed the halfway mark, and Pitt students are in the midst of tough midterms, challenging projects and a seemingly never-ending amount of miscellaneous work. As we get into the last stretch, finals are fast approaching, and stress and anxiety levels around campus are high. Luckily, for students looking for ways to reduce their anxiety, Murray Avenue Apothecary, home of LabNaturals PCR Plant Oil products in Squirrel Hill, offers an array of viable solutions.

I had the opportunity to visit Murray Avenue Apothecary and speak with pharmacist and owner Susan Merenstein about her business and how she and her staff can help students. LabNaturals PCR Plant Oil products can be found exclusively at Murray Avenue Apothecary, a compounding pharmacy boutique on Murray Avenue in nearby Squirrel Hill/ Green eld. e pharmacy is very accessible to students and is open every week- day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any 61C or 61D bus leaving Oakland can get you there in about 15 minutes. You can also purchase products online at

Susan Merenstein is a registered Holistic Clinical Pharmacist with more than 38 years of experience. Merenstein opened Murray Avenue Apothecary in May 2007. It is Pittsburgh’s only green pharmacy and was built using all green materials, has a recycling program onsite, uses recycled vials, and pays attention to patients’ chemical sensitivities. In January 2017, Merenstein founded LabNaturals Inc., including both LabNaturals Skin Care and LabNaturals PCR Plant Oil products. Murray Avenue Apothecary is the solution, giving clients a safe and reliable place to purchase CBD products. LabNaturals PCR, which stands for PhytoCannabinoid Rich, provides clients a CBD products line from a pharmacy and pharmacists whom you can trust. Merenstein felt that a store like this did not exist in Pittsburgh, and that people were enter- ing an industry fraught with businesses selling CBD without enough knowledge and experience.

You may be wondering, what is CBD? CBD stands for “Cannabidiol” and is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant. CBD is made naturally by the Cannabis plant either from the marijuana plant or the hemp plant. e CBD found at LabNaturals comes from industrially grown hemp organically farmed in accordance with Industrial Hemp Regulations. While from the Cannabis plant, CBD will not make users “high,” as only Cannabis containing THC will make users “high” or intoxicated. CBD has zero psychotropic effects, making it safer than medical marijuana to take CBD and drive, go to work or complete other tasks. No medical card or prescription is needed to purchase LabNaturals PCR Plant Oil products at Murray Avenue Apothecary.

Merenstein stressed that the number-one goal of LabNaturals PCR is always the client’s health, and especically helping clients get exactly what they need. For this reason, their products are always tested by a third party before selling them, and extensive research was done before opening up the business two years ago. Th employees of Murray Avenue Apothecary take pride in their integrity, and Merenstein considers herself to be an expert in CBD supplementation.

CBD products such as plant oils, chewing gum and capsules may potentially help students who are feeling extra stressed out at this time of year, and they may be viable alternatives to anti-anxiety medications.

The pharmacy feels very open and friendly when you walk in, and new clients are always welcome. All one needs to do is ll out a questionnaire and speak with a staff member to match a product with their goals. So far, well over 1,500 users of LabNaturals PCR CBD products from Murray Avenue Apothecary have shown a decrease in both anxiety and pain, as well as better sleep. The user data and results are growing daily as LabNaturals PCR enters its third year of business, and Merenstein is very excited about the industry and its potential.

Stop by Murray Avenue Apothecary today to check out LabNaturals PCR Plant Oil products or shop online 24/7 at