What a World


Anna Bongardino | Visual Editor

A man holds a candle up to the sky at the Squirrel Hill intersection of Forbes and Murray avenues Saturday evening during a vigil for the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue massacre.

By Emily Pinigis, Staff Columnist

What a world we live in

Where kindness is overshadowed by sin

And inky skies are speckled with dying stars

That light this dark world and all the souls’ scars


What a world we live in

Where leaves and streets turn crimson

And violence tears years of serenity down

But in it all is beauty to be found


What a world we live in

Where peace is shattered at the drop of a pin

And through it all the madness breaks loose

Trapping each victim in its deadly noose


What a world we live in

Where innocent lives are mauled and broken

And villains’ names spread like hellfire

But heroes exist in a silence that truly inspires


What a world we live in

Where kindness must overshadow sin

And we must fight together through feeling forlorn

Loving each other so our world may be reborn