Poetry | Veritas et Virtus

Veritas et Virtus. 1

We can have a conversation on the difference, if you’d like:

come equipped with any questions, 2

modes of inquiry into society and self. 3


An open exchange of ideas 4

accommodates the flow, 5

covers the nature of matter. 5


But how accurate are our understandings of what constitutes 6

characteristics of life? 5

Scrutinize the various ways. 7

Why do others attempt to remove the seams of our experience 8

when your success


depends on you? 8


Finally, you will have access, 7

closely, into someone else’s consciousness. 4

New ideas emerge, and old ideas are discarded. 10


To better understand our society and ourselves by looking at a specific part of our roots,9

consider some of the most important lines of thought in history. 10


Most importantly, you are free to have fun. 2


1 “Truth and Virtue.” Motto of The University of Pittsburgh. Est. 1787.

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Senior Staff Columnist Delilah Bourque drew upon various syllabi from her coursework at Pitt to write this poem.