Meet the Editor: Culture

By Delilah Bourque, Culture Editor

Here’s an early introduction to the culture section — you’ll find us in print and online on Tuesdays and Thursdays this fall. We cover everything involving music, theater, art, literature, movies and television happening on campus and around the City. You can catch us hanging out at cool cultural events around town and reviewing new projects from your favorite creators. 


I’m Delilah, the culture editor. I’m a senior English writing major and while I’m culture editor now, I started at The Pitt News my sophomore year as a columnist on the opinions desk, writing mostly about politics and world events. The Pitt News is where I’ve found a home on campus to explore doing what I love and make new, lifelong friends in the process. 


I love the culture section because culture is so essential to the betterment and enjoyment of people’s lives. Culture can start conversations and friendships, it can also be shared, adapted and moved to match our progression as people. 


We have a lot of fun and interesting stuff coming up this year in the culture section. Pittsburgh has such a rich cultural scene, from art galleries and music shows, to great restaurants and festivals. There’s no shortage of great things going on for us to share with you. We are featuring some fantastic members of the Pitt community who can’t wait to spread the word about their work. 


Culture is what makes us human. What would modern humanity be without creative expression? We share our experiences when we share our art, and with it a part of ourselves. I hope you’ll enjoy what the culture section has to offer you this year — we have so much we can’t wait for you to see!