Poetry | Quarantining

By Mackenzie Oster, Staff Columnist

My body lies between my four walls

I couldn’t tell you what day it is

Motivation wearing thin

Hair in a thick knotted ball of frizz


The leader of this country

Promised it would all be over soon

He said it’s the “Chinese virus” that’s to blame

For keeping us all in our houses until June


If I press my eyes closed hard enough

Perhaps my mind will take me somewhere far

A life with peace and prosperity

Or even just a place that doesn’t feel so bizarre


A reporter asked what message

Americans across the country should hear

But the leader snapped back

That his reporting days should disappear


Stay inside

Take this time to rummage up hope

Tell your loved ones of their worth

And together we will cope


Yet people wonder

Why the world is so full of hate

When the face of this country

Promised that he’d surely make it great


In the meantime, look up at the sky

And take a good look

Wash your hands

And read a nice long book