Photos: Oakland, largely emptied


Kaycee Orwig | Visual Editor

A hospital worker awaits a shuttle outside the UPMC Presbyterian parking garage.

By Kaycee Orwig, Visual Editor

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Oakland may look a little different than it did two months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, but its formerly crowded streets are not left completely empty. Walking through campus on Wednesday, it was not entirely a ghost town, with runners and bikers out and people grabbing food on Forbes Avenue. While eyes and masks have replaced familiar faces, and lonely Port Authority buses have replaced bumper-to-bumper traffic, Oakland is still Oakland and its familiar sights provide comfort. The Cathedral of Learning still stands tall over campus, the pigeons still feed in that same patch of grass, and most importantly, hospital workers can still be seen crossing the streets as their hospitals stand proudly throughout the city.

Oakland misses its students, but they will be back.