Meet the Editor: Culture


Courtesy of Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor is the culture editor at The Pitt News.

By Charlie Taylor, Culture Editor

“Culture” is a pretty open-ended term, and we like it that way here at the culture desk. We cover everything happening in the visual arts, theater, music, film and food, to just name a few. And in spite of recent circumstances, culture hasn’t stopped.

If you’re wondering how to enjoy beer festivals from a safe distance, what Pittsburgh’s museums look like during COVID-19 or how the local drag scene has coped with bar shutdowns, you’ve found the right place. We also publish reviews on the latest in movies, TV, music and theater. Before you watch or listen to anything, save yourself the time and the hassle by reading what the culture desk has to say about it.

I’m excited for you to get to know my talented, passionate staff over the course of this year. They’re theater junkies, film buffs, music lovers and overall dedicated individuals.

And as the only editor for my desk, I’d be nowhere without them.

My name is Charlie Taylor, and I’m a sophomore majoring in history of art and architecture as well as either classics or anthropology — ask me again in a few months. I’m an Aquarius, a cat person with a soft spot for big dogs and a former emo kid. I say “former,” but if you want to talk about My Chemical Romance or know where to get cheap hair dye, my contact info is below.

I started at The Pitt News last September as a culture writer, expecting the job to be just another extracurricular. I soon discovered that I love talking to people who are making the University, the City and the world just a little more vibrant.

I firmly believe that “trivial” things like food, art and music are more important now than ever. When we were all stuck in quarantine, we watched movies with each other over Zoom, learned to bake sourdough bread, listened to our favorite albums from high school and started — but probably never finished — writing the next great American novel. To me, culture is another word for community. It keeps us going when nothing else can.

 If you know about culture happening on campus and in the City at large, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. I’m excited to show you everything we have lined up!