Poetry | Treeanna

By Mackenzie Oster, Staff Columnist

Limbs so frail and fragile

With moss sneaking up her thighs

She used to limit her intake of anything but water

Just to fit into the smallest size


She stands in solidarity 

The feeling that brings her closest to home

Her bark smooth and glossy

Hair always perfectly combed


The color always changes in the fall

Vibrancy fades into variances of brown

A tendency to blend in among them all

Only to become a product of the background


She has been taken advantage of by plenty

Used as a post for strangers to lean on

Giving herself away to far too many

But one day all of that will be gone


She will grow

To stand out among the crowd

I smirk as I lay down the mulch around her

And pat her on her bark chest

I picture the day she flourishes into an oak

As I kick off my shoes

And lean against her trunk to rest