Fantasy Football Trade Targets: Now’s the time to buy low


David Maialetti, The Philadelphia Inquirer | TNS

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz completed 26-of-43 passes for 242 yards against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Sept. 20.

By Jack Clay, Staff Writer

Congratulations, you’ve made it to Week 5 of the fantasy football season!

With the pandemic forcing teams to use their bye weeks early and a slew of injuries hitting many of the league’s top players, it can be difficult to stay engaged.

Keep your team competitive through the art of the deal. An in-season trade can make or break a fantasy season, and you must keep in mind which players you think will explode through the remainder of the season and which have used up all their magic already.

Who knows, maybe you’re 4-0 sitting atop your league’s glorious throne, looking down upon the lowlifes at 0-4. Maybe you’re 2-2, precariously waiting in the middle of the standings to see whether you climb to your league’s lead or fall to the cold, dark and lonely basement floor of last place. Wherever you may stand, a beneficial trade could put you a cut above the crowd, and a detrimental one could cost you the season.

Target these players if you’re feeling lucky.

Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos WR

Jerry Jeudy has swiftly become the best receiver in Denver. I loved him coming out of college, and he’s demonstrated his capabilities as the main target of an offense, as well as an ability to make big plays out of nothing.

I wouldn’t worry about his low fantasy totals so far this season. He’s had to deal with some less-than-optimal quarterback play until second-year player Drew Lock returns, and at the end of the day he’s still only a rookie. You should look to buy in on the Jerry Jeudy hype train now, because I think he’s going to be excellent down the stretch, and this is the cheapest you’ll get him.

David Montgomery, Chicago Bears RB

David Montgomery is an interesting player in my completely professional opinion. In his two-year career he hasn’t amassed many yards or touchdowns, and he doesn’t catch a lot of balls either. Despite all this, I can’t help but want him on my team.

He’s about as consistent a player as you’ll find in fantasy today. Week in and week out he will give you around eight to 12 points, with the occasional higher-scoring game. That might not sound great compared to the Christian McCaffreys of the world, but this year I’m valuing consistency above almost all else. Montgomery is the clear lead back in Chicago, and it’s even possible the quarterback change in Chicago helps his outlook even further. Montgomery is your man if you’re in need of a reliable second running back.

Carson Wentz,  Philadelphia Eagles QB

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, Carson Wentz has been a turnover machine so far. That’s fair, but Philly looks ready for improvement. Tipped balls, an injury-riddled offensive line and a poor receiver play caused many of his early giveaways, resulting in unimpressive stats through Week 4. All the more reason you can get him cheap!

The Eagles earned a big win against the 49ers on Sunday night, and I think Wentz will ride this momentum going forward. He’ll have some help back on offense soon, and the points will come more easily. Wentz could be a buy-low type of player right now who gets you an easy 20 points a week later on in the season.

Evan Engram, New York Giants TE

As the owner of Evan Engram in several leagues, I’ll gladly confess that he’s had a disappointing start to the year. With Giants star running back Saquon Barkley out for the year, however, second-year quarterback Daniel Jones only has so many guys to throw to. Engram has only had only one game with less than seven targets so far, and had 10 in his last outing. He hasn’t made much of his massive target share yet, but I’m here for the consistency.

Engram owners probably look to sell at the moment, so you can easily swindle him from someone. He’s a big name on a team that’s used to playing from behind, and his schedule for the rest of the season looks promising. If you’re in need of a tight end, reach out to your friendly neighborhood Evan Engram owner.

D’Andre Swift, Detroit Lions RB

An early bye week could give Swift the time he needs to really make an impact on the rest of this season. His mediocre fantasy totals thus far make him an excellent buy-low candidate. The only player ahead of him on the depth chart is 35-year-old Adrian Peterson, and Swift has already managed to get involved in the offensive game plan.

He’s played well given limited chances catching balls out of the backfield, and I can see him getting even more work in this area as the season develops. Once Peterson finally slows down (if he ever does), Swift is the running back of the future in Detroit, and you should try to swipe him while his asking price remains reasonable.

Houston Texans DEF

Let’s give the defenses some love. This is probably the riskiest target I have on this list, but at the end of the day you can probably just pick up a defense off waivers if it doesn’t work out.

To put it delicately, the Texans have started the season underwhelmingly. That means owners, if they haven’t dropped them already, will sell for a cheap price. On the bright side, the Texans have faced one of the league’s most difficult schedules so far, so there’s really nowhere to go but up. Their matchups will be more forgiving from here and it looks particularly favorable down the homestretch of the season, making them a real x-factor to a fantasy team needing a strong push in the playoffs.