Infinite Playlist | Hot Girl Anthems

By Ariana Siclari, Staff Writer

With the rising temperatures, society is coming out of winter hibernation. March is almost over, and summer is approaching at warp speed. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a hit on everyone, some more than others, but with the vaccine and hopefully herd immunity in due time, people want to have a good summer after a crappy year.

This summer is all about confidence, flirtation and looking for a thrill. Everyone deserves a rewarding summer, and this playlist will be your best friend. It’s important to remember that hot is a state of mind, not a state of body. Featuring mainly female musicians, “Hot Girl Anthems” is dedicated to hyping you up, making you feel sexy and empowering you.

“Hot Girl Summer, ” Megan Thee Stallion

This single was released in 2019 after a Twitter meme went viral, and this year, we are using this song for hot girl summer 2.0. Megan Thee Stallion collaborates with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign on a song about having confidence in your own skin and having a good time while doing it. This song is a staple for empowerment, especially with girls. Megan raps about staying on your grind, not letting anyone take what’s yours and focusing on making it your best life to live with lyrics like “And who gon’ tell him that my bitch is getting her degree?/ And when we say it’s hot girl summer, we ain’t talkin’ ’bout degrees.” Hot girl summer starts with being unapologetically you without caring what other people think.

“Doin Too Much,” Kash Doll

On her 2019 album “Stacked,” Kash Doll crafted “Doin Too Much” with the theme of not giving a damn. People’s jealousy and hatred make them ugly, and no one needs that type of negativity in their life. The chorus wraps up the whole theme of the song perfectly, “She like, Kash (Bitch)/ Bitch you doing too much (What?)/ I’m like shut up h- (H-)/ H- you ain’t doing enough (That’s right)/ Oh you f—— mad (Ha)/ That’s too f—— bad (Aah)/ Since you f—— asked (Ha, ha, ha)/ I like doing too much (Bitch)”. Kash Doll tells all the hot people to rise above others’ negativity and focus on yourself.

“Trap Queen,” Fetty Wap

A hip hop throwback from 2014, this is a summer love song inspired by Fetty Wap’s girlfriend of the time. Fetty Wap refers to his girl as his “Trap Queen” which is a loyal, tough and smart woman. She stood by his side during his hard drug dealing and kept him grounded. His lyrics speak his truth of the importance of having a partner that will be there for you in the best and worst of times. Unfortunately, Fetty and his girl broke up, but he still respects and cares for her — when you get a girl that special, it is so important to cherish her. 

Hot girl summer is slowly creeping up on everyone and whoever wants to participate has to prepare themselves. Each year people try to achieve their summer body, but people need to achieve their summer mindset, focusing more on mental and emotional health than physical health. To be the ultimate “hot girl” does not simply imply looks and appearance but more of attitude and confidence. Make sure you know your worth and power, demand respect when needed, be confident in your skin and take care of yourself first. Hot girl summer 2021!

Ariana Siclari writes about her emotions through her Spotify playlists. Write to her at [email protected].