Infinite Playlist | Summer Background Noise

By Ariana Siclari, Staff Writer

People, especially college students, are filling open areas to hang with their friends, sunbathe, play games and get some fresh air. The warm weather is teasing us, and it is so hard to log into Zoom or open a computer to complete assignments. I sit outside during the day, saying, “I’ll do my work outside” but never get anything done, and in the evenings, I get dinner and sit and chill with my friends until dark or later. 

Music isn’t necessary for every situation, but having a speaker and some nice background music for your outdoor rendezvous is highly recommended. “Summer Background Noise” is the perfect playlist of chill hits and popular rap songs to add to your summer gathering.

“Feels Like Summer,” Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has a long, successful career with his multitude of talents from actor to musician to director. He perfectly crafts this song for the perfect summer mood. When listening to this song, you feel the warm sun hit your skin, a smile appears on your face and you imagine yourself at the beach with the sand in your toes and the breeze blowing.

“Kids,” MGMT

“Kids” is a feel-good-song with a dark underlying meaning. When you first listen to the song, it sounds like a nostalgic reflection on good childhood memories, but as you listen it isn’t the case. The song starts with the beginning of someone’s childhood and ends with being an adult reminiscing on your childhood but feeling detached from that part of life. The chorus is about controlling yourself as a child and adult by not growing up too quickly and not fixating on your childhood as an adult. Even with its lyrics, MGMT created a rhythm and beat for this song that reminds me of summer and makes me get up and dance.

“Live Your Life,” T.I. feat. Rihanna 

T.I. and Rihanna collaborate to create this phenomenal song about living the life you want to live without anybody’s negativity getting in the way. Hate, jealousy and envy make people evil and make their lives miserable when they could just be content. In Rihanna’s verse, she raps about her journey for wealth and how she ignored the haters for her own good. “Got my mind on my money/ And I’m not goin’ away/ So keep on gettin’ your paper, and keep on climbin’/ Look in the mirror, and keep on shinin’ (Shinin’)”. Even though the song was produced and released in 2008, this song still has so much relevance today.

Music connects people, no matter who they are, where they come from and who they will be. Listening to upbeat hits and positive songs will help boost your summer mood. Blasting this playlist with your friends will encourage you to sing together, have lip sync battles, dance and engage other people who vibe with the songs (in a COVID-19-safe way). Music can fill the silence or add to the mood you’ve set. Get outside and enjoy the weather!

Ariana Siclari writes about her emotions through her Spotify playlists. Write to her at [email protected].