Offbeat | Emma Chamberlain’s “Anything Goes” revolutionizes podcasts

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By Jillian Rowan, For The Pitt News

We, as humans, are constantly searching for comfort. Whether it’s a good hug, a warm shower or a reassuring text, we cling to things that bring us a sense of calm in our overwhelming lives. Internet icon Emma Chamberlain provides that particular kind of comfort with her hit podcast, “Anything Goes.”

Nobody is honest anymore, especially on the Internet. In a world where influencers grow shallower by the day, this 20-year-old social media mogul helps us all find solace. Chamberlain is one of the few genuine celebrities living in the congested social media powerhouse of Los Angeles. 

Despite her age, Chamberlain speaks with tasteful wisdom far beyond her years. Best known for her YouTube channel with more than 10 million followers, Chamberlain is the poster child for candidness on the Internet. Her YouTube career took off at the ripe age of 16 when she debuted casual haul and chit-chat videos in her childhood bedroom. 

In recent years, Chamberlain has undoubtedly matured, and beautifully at that. She traded in her scrunchie and chunky Doc Martens for collaborations with Louis Vuitton, curating her very own Chamberlain Coffee company, and namely, her podcast.

Just like the name states, “Anything Goes” spans a considerable array of conversational topics — hitting rock bottom, how success kills creativity, the Instagram illusion, burnout, celebrity culture, traveling alone, acne and fashion, among others. 

Catered to teens and young adults, “Anything Goes” also covers the low moments we’ve all experienced — breakups, anxiety, depression, friendship issues and the like. In addition, she frequently speaks on her personal battles with imposter syndrome, depression and anxiety — divulging to listeners her own troubles with mental health Though difficult topics, Chamberlain comments on them with grace — while sprinkling in her classic dry humor when appropriate.

She is no stranger to digging deep — never shying away from the tough conversations we need to have to grow. Although enjoyable, listening to “Anything Goes,” can sometimes be challenging. Chamberlain gives listeners a space to grow personally and heal. 

Tuning into “Anything Goes” is like picking up the phone and calling your older sister when you’re stuck. She dishes out that tough love you don’t always want to hear but know you need.

Through her podcast, Chamberlain pioneered the romanticization of everyday life. Beyond the accolades, she reminds listeners that she, too, is human. Like everyone else, Chamberlain falls into ruts, doesn’t leave her bed for days and occasionally sobs on the bathroom floor. She bears all the details on “Anything Goes” with no shame.  

A quick scroll through her podcast’s ratings further illustrates just how influential she is to her listeners. Many have commented on her relatability, straightforwardness and comforting energy. Thousands have incorporated Chamberlain into their daily routines, whether that’s by religiously listening to every episode release or just having her soothing voice in the background while doing chores. 

Some even regard her as a best friend, or the therapist they didn’t know they needed — remember, she is not a professional, and seek licensed help if needed! The sense of intimacy Chamberlain provides is something few can replicate.

The podcast’s Twitter calls for open conversation with listeners directly — it’s like texting Chamberlain herself. Here, fans comment on what they’d like advice on and which topics Chamberlain should cover and chat to one another. 

Clips from “Anything Goes” also gained popularity on TikTok, where people film their mundane, daily routines to the sound of Chamberlain’s voice. One famous blurb comes from her episode, “life burnout.”  

“It’s like within the past week, I am just so burnt out with life that nothing literally makes me feel excited,” Chamberlain said. “I feel like I’ve used up every hobby that I have as a distraction so much to the point where I’m now numb to the excitement about it.”

Of course, there is no glamour in feeling pain, but users across TikTok found a sense of beauty in one another’s vulnerability. Above all, Chamberlain’s joint TikTok and podcast presence made it a safe space to hurt and to feel okay about hurting. 

“Anything Goes” encouraged me to be honest with myself, get out of my own way and love me for me. Though a podcast can’t fix everything in my life, it helped me feel inner peace. It’s okay to take baby steps, to struggle and to come to terms with your feelings. 

I don’t have it all figured out. Neither does Chamberlain. So lay in bed all day, have a good cry and listen to “Anything Goes.” I promise it will change your life.