Incumbents, Democrats win big in general election


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The City-County building in Downtown.

By Katie Cassidy and Quentin Tan

Despite being a non-presidential election year, Pittsburghers turned out to the polls to vote for mayor, City Council and County Council seats, as well as judicial positions.

The municipal election kicked off on Tuesday with polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Besides the highly anticipated mayoral election where Ed Gainey made history as the first Black man elected as Pittsburgh’s mayor, voters voted for council seats, court seats as well as positions on the school board.

The Pitt News compiled results from these elections as of 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. To learn more about the candidates read TPN’s election guide.

Pittsburgh City Council

District 2: Theresa Kail-Smith (D, Incumbent)

Kail-Smith won more than 96% of the vote. She was elected to City Council in 2009 and ran unopposed in this election.

District 4: Anthony Coghill (D, Incumbent)

Coghill leads with 68% of the vote against Green Party challenger Connor Mulvaney. Coghill’s plans include updating City services and reducing substance use.

District 6: Daniel Lavelle (D, Incumbent)

Lavelle grabbed nearly 98% of the vote. He was elected to City Council in 2009 and ran unopposed in the election.

District 8: Erika Strassburger (D, Incumbent)

Strassburger claimed more than 97% of the votes and ran unopposed. She was elected to City Council in 2017.

Allegheny County Council:

District 1: Jack Betkowski (D)

Betkowski leads slightly with 12,092 votes compared to Republican challenger Joe Wise’s 11,490 votes. Betkowski has just 51% of the votes vs. Wise’s 49%. Betkowski is serving his second term as a Ross Township commissioner, as well as serving on the Public Safety and Finance Committees.

District 3: Anita Prizio (D, Incumbent) 

Prizio is leading with 14,917 votes against Republican Meredith Dolan with 12,604 votes. Prizio was elected to County Council in 2017 and obtained sick leave for workers and passed legislation to control diesel emissions.

District 4: Patrick Catena (D, Incumbent)

Catena won more than 97% of the vote. He ran unopposed in the election. He has been serving in this position since 2017 and focuses on enhancing business operations.

District 8: Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis (D)

Naccarati-Chapkis is leading with 12,132 votes against Republican Eric Casteel with 7,795 votes. Naccarati-Chapkis focuses on housing equity and environmental concerns.

District 9: Bob Macey (D, Incumbent)

Bob Macey claimed more than 96% of the vote and ran unopposed. He has served in this position since May 2006 and is the current Council Liaison to the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

District 12: Bob Palmosina (D)

Bob Palmosina won more than 97% of the votes and ran unopposed. He is the current chairman of the Pittsburgh Democratic Party 20th Ward and director of public works for Collier Township.

Pa. Supreme Court: Kevin Brobson (R)

Republican Kevin Brobson won against Democrat Maria McLaughlin by about 5%, or about 130,000 votes. Brobson has served as a judge on the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania and his colleagues elected him as 10th President Judge in 2020. His campaign focuses on a fair and impartial judiciary.

Pa. Superior Court: Megan Sullivan (R)

Republican Megan Sullivan won against Democrat Timika Lane by about 12%, or about 290,000 votes. Sullivan is a former prosecutor.

Allegheny Court of Common Pleas 

There were 18 candidates who ran for 10 open seats on the Court of Common Pleas. These are the 10 candidates currently leading in the polls.

Nicola Henry-Taylor (D) with 150,113 votes. Taylor is a private attorney in family and criminal courts and her campaign centers on advocacy for people of color and reducing systemic bias.

Tiffany Sizemore (D) with 148,044 votes. Sizemore is a clinical law professor at Duquesne University.

Eliott Howsie (D) with 147,911 votes. Howsie is an incumbent judge running for reelection. 

Wrenna Watson (D) with 146,824 votes. Watson currently serves as magistrate judge in the Pittsburgh Municipal Court and is a past chair of Pittsburgh’s Planning Commission.

Chelsa Wagner (D) with 145,314 votes . Wagner is currently serving as Allegheny County Controller and her campaign focuses on health care accessibility, the environment and paid family leave.

Lisa Middleman (D/R) with 144,610 votes. Middleman is a public defender and her campaign prioritizes school partnerships and treatment for addiction and mental illness.

Sabrina Krobel (D/R) with 144,605 votes. Korbel is the legal director of the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. 

Tom Caulfield (D) with 144,534 votes. ​​Caulfield worked as a public defender before serving as magisterial district judge since 2010.

Bruce Beemer (D/R) with 139,459 votes. Beemer is an incumbent judge running for reelection and previously addressed fraud and investigated corruption in state agencies and among state officials.

Jessel Costa (D) with 137,933 votes. Costa served for the past six years as deputy attorney general and now works in private practice.

Allegheny County Sheriff: Kevin Kraus (D/R)

Kraus claimed more than 96% of the votes and ran unopposed. Kraus has served as chief deputy of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office,since his appointment in 2014.

Contributed reporting by Rebecca Johnson and Jon Moss.