Campus Life | Things I do to get my mind off of classes

Campus Life is a biweekly blog about the everyday things happening around Pitt’s campus.

By Shriya Yadamreddi, Staff Writer

Sitting in multiple classes everyday, doing hours of homework and studying for each class can easily get tiring and boring. I think it’s helpful to have something at the end of the day to look forward to or small things to do throughout the day to help students de-stress.

For example, my roommate and I try to cook dinner together some nights after a full day of classes, which really cheers us both up. When we’re trying out new recipes with a movie playing in the background, it seems like nothing could go wrong. Some of our favorite things to cook are fettuccine alfredo, Thai red curry and pizza. We only cook these foods if we don’t have a lot of work and have ample time. If not, our favorite food spots on campus are Roots and Piada, which are both on Forbes Avenue. We also love ordering food from Nikki’s Thai Kitchen, which is located in Downtown, through UberEats.

We also enjoy going on sunset walks and getting late night cookies and ice cream from Insomnia Cookies on Meyran Avenue. Sometimes when we both have tests on the same day, we put on our favorite show — which currently is Dynasty on Netflix — and bake brownies or cookies. Those days mostly fall on Sundays because we like to finish all of our homework throughout the day, rather than doing it at night, so we can relax.

To cheer myself up between classes, I also sometimes stop in Divvy’s on Forbes Avenue or Redhawk Coffee on Meyran Avenue for some coffee or lunch with a friend. I really like the atmosphere in both shops because you can get work done or unwind while reading a book. Another place I love going to is Hillman Library, where I sit in the little booths by Saxby’s, which remind me of a coffee shop. The coffee at Saxby’s is also very good — my favorite is the milk and honey cold brew.

Another activity I often do to de-stress is explore museums that are close to campus. I recently went to the Carnegie Museum of Art and walked around the museum looking at art while listening to calm music. It’s convenient because it is on Forbes Avenue near campus and is free for students! However, it might be a little hard to fully appreciate in between classes, so I recommend going on a Saturday or Sunday morning. 

If you are looking for more pretty spots to walk around at, I really like going to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Part of it is outdoors, so if you go when it is cold out, it is better to bundle. Still, the plants and flowers are very pretty to look at. It is also a great spot to take some cute pictures and is free with a Pitt ID!

At the end of the day, it is best to do things that will personally help you de-stress from the workload. Even if it is a simple spa night with your roommate or watching sports with your friends, there are lots of great ways to help you get your mind off of classes.

Shriya writes about everyday things that happen on campus at the University of Pittsburgh. Talk to them at [email protected]