Editorial | Top five things we can learn from Wordle

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

The daily word game “Wordle” has taken the world — and this editorial board — by storm.

Despite a deceivingly easy premise, in which players have six tries to guess a five-letter word, Wordle is a lot more challenging than one would think — but that’s the fun part! While the rest of the world seems to be up in flames, at least we can all come together to play this silly little game. Even with frustrations when trying to solve the puzzle or when dodging the many tweets with green and yellow boxes, Wordle is a great way to keep our minds active and enjoy some healthy competition. Here are five life lessons that Wordle can teach us in our everyday lives.

  1. It’s okay to celebrate small victories

Despite its fun colors, Wordle can sometimes be a difficult game. But the sense of accomplishment you feel when all of those letters turn green could make anyone smile. In these tumultuous times, sometimes you just need a win and Wordle is there for you to do so! Besides Wordle, it’s always good to celebrate the little victories such as finding your favorite pen you thought was missing or baking a really good batch of cupcakes. Celebrating the small stuff helps you feel genuine gratitude for everything you have and keeps the negative thoughts at bay.

  1. Tomorrow is a new day

Wordle is a game that comes out with a new puzzle every single day. That means that if you don’t get it right today, there is always tomorrow to try again. This is a great sentiment toward life as well. It’s okay if you spill coffee on your shirt and then miss the bus, tomorrow will be a new day! 

  1. There will be bumps in the road, but you will make it

There is nothing like the feeling of dread when you try your go-to word on Wordle and all the letters come back gray. Sometimes your third word is the lucky one, or even your last, but you will make it! Just like in life, you’ll always have another chance despite challenges. Bumps in the road build character and help you for the next time you encounter a challenge or another Wordle.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes you’ll stare and stare at a Wordle board, but won’t be able to figure it out. That’s what friends are for! Shoot a quick text to a friend or a former English teacher and have them give you a little hint. Just like in life, sometimes we need a friend who can help us through the challenges and help us feel less alone.

  1. Have fun

All in all, Wordle is a fun game to help us pass the time. It’s fun to see everyone on Twitter talking excitedly about that day’s puzzle instead of yelling at each other in typical Twitter fashion. Wordle reminds us not to sweat the small stuff and focus on having fun. It’s something to talk about and focus on that isn’t the pandemic or politics.