Few questions arise during speedy SGB meeting

By Marissa Meredyth

It’s only been five weeks since the Student Government Board had its first meeting, but in that time, the Board seems to have found its rhythm. It’s only been five weeks since the Student Government Board had its first meeting, but in that time, the Board seems to have found its rhythm.

The Board sped through the allocations in last night’s meeting in Nordy’s Place, hearing requests from 10 student organizations in less than an hour. And unlike at past meetings, there was little discussion from behind the table on each request for funding, except on the topic of baggage fees for volleyballs.

The Board has the power to allocate the Student Activities Fund — around $2.3 million — to certified student organizations. But only about $1.1 million of the fund is left for the 350 non-formula certified student organizations after formula groups like WPTS, Pitt Program Council and Panther Prints get their share. The fund is replenished by the $80 fee non-College of General Studies students pay each semester.

The lengthiest request came from representatives from both the men’s and women’s volleyball clubs, who spoke on requests to fund competition in the National Tournament in Houston, Texas.

Alex Hinsey, president of the Pittsburgh Men’s Volleyball Club, requested more than $12,000 to send two teams to the competition. Hinsey said his organization has increased from around 13 members to its current 22. This has allowed for both an A and B team, as well as upward movement in the national rankings.

“Bringing the B-team is important for the development of the program,” Hinsey said.

But the Board’s consensus was that sending just one team to Nationals to compete would be more in-line with the organization’s mission statement, an important factor in the Board’s allocations considerations.

Board member Alex Zimmerman congratulated Hinsey on success with the team and said he believed the team would make a strong showing regardless of the portion the Board denied.

Zimmerman mentioned the recent increase in the number of certified student organizations and a stagnant student activities fund as reasons why the Board has had to be stricter with recent requests.

Anna Schneider, captain and vice president of Pittsburgh Women’s Volleyball Club, requested $8,030 for her team. In a meeting with the Board prior to last night, club and Board members found cheaper flights, which allowed the Board to approve only $5,037.

This caused some confusion because the previous tickets were for flights on SouthWest — an airline company that does not have baggage fee charges.

The new tickets, while cheaper, will incur individual baggage charges for each member, as well as for a bag that will contain seven to 12 balls.

Board member Emily Hoover suggested submitting an additional request for baggage fees. But Board member Matt Riehle said baggage fees are considered personal items. The Board does not normally fund for such costs.

Schneider said later that the team most likely will not submit an additional request.

Allocation Notes:

-The Sociology Student Association requested $3,000 for a print publication. The Board denied the request.

-Engineers Without Borders requested $1,629.20 to attend a conference. The Board allotted $1,520.12 and denied $109.08.

-Word and Machine requested $874.24 for a publication. The request was postponed.

-The Roller Hockey Club requested $569.54 to attend a competition. The Board allocated $389.70 and denied $179.84.

-National Society of Black Engineers requested $1,000 to attend a conference. The Board allocated the request in full.

-The Trading Pitt requested $620 to attend a conference. The Board denied the request.

-Black Action Society requested a budget modification of $2,455.50 to spice up a workshop with a DJ and food. The Board denied the request.