Editorial: Illogical funding cut for Planned Parenthood

By Staff Editorial

One in five American women has received care from a Planned Parenthood health center during her… One in five American women has received care from a Planned Parenthood health center during her lifetime, the organization reports.

Despite what appears to be a heavy societal reliance on Planned Parenthood’s services, the House of Representatives recently approved an amendment to bar federal funding for any of the organization’s activities, according to The Washington Post.

Already prohibited from using federal funding for abortions, the measure will eliminate funding for the organization’s other services, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, annual exams, family planning, birth control and HIV testing.

Although some Republican agendas definitely aim to eliminate what amendment-creator Rep. Mike Pence calls “on-demand abortions,” we think blocking federal aid for preventative care is an interesting way of cutting back on unintended pregnancies that warrant abortions. And by interesting, we mean stupid.

In a news release, the national branch of Planned Parenthood said, “The policy … certainly guarantees an increase in the number of unintended pregnancies. It is difficult to understand why people who say they are opposed to abortion would do so much to undermine the family planning and contraception that helps prevent the need for it.”

We are equally confused.

According to Pence, “Nobody is saying that Planned Parenthood cannot continue to be the largest abortion provider in America, but why do millions of pro-life taxpayers have to pay for it?”

But since when does everyone have to agree where taxpayer money goes? For example, taxpayer money goes toward war efforts regardless of whether or not the individual supports them.

And the $363 million of taxpayer money the organization received last year can’t even be used to pay for abortion services. Planned Parenthood is clearly “guilty by association” for offering abortion services, despite the other care it provides. In fact, according to the national branch of Planned Parenthood, more than 90 percent of its services are preventative, like providing contraception to nearly 2.5 million patients each year.

Because federal money is already unable to be used to fund abortions, we ultimately think that cutting Planned Parenthood’s funding was highly illogical on part of House Republicans. Instead, the amendment serves to deny preventative and possibly lifesaving screenings and health care services to those who might not be able to afford them otherwise.

Planned Parenthood currently has an open letter to House Representatives online for its supporters to sign. Google “I stand with Planned Parenthood” for more information.