Letter to the editor 1/25

By Andrew Thompson

To the editor,


The social probation of Pitt sororities and fraternities is not a “crackdown” on Greek life but a serious overreaction to harmless socializing. Although it was a mistake to bring alcohol to an event despite prior knowledge that it was not permitted, to punish every member of Greek organizations is unjustified and an inexcusable act by the University in an attempt to “make an example of” those who violate alcohol-related rules/regulations. University officials and many of the independent student body don’t seem to have any interest in all the philanthropic events, fundraisers and general productive do-good nature of Greek life. They just like to condemn us when a handful of people — who happen to wear Greek letters — make a mistake. They, including The Pitt News, revel at the chance to associate today’s Greek life with that of “Animal House” and other fictitious, negative portrayals, when in fact we have moved very far from the “dark days” of alcoholism, hazing and lewdness. This is not to say that The Pitt News shouldn’t report on the situation, but to go around Oakland and upper campus spying on houses and then report about their activity is elementary school playground pettiness. I am very loyal to The Pitt News, often bragging about it to friends at other universities whose school papers can’t compare, but I was very disappointed when I read the article.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Andrew Thompson

School of Arts and Sciences

Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity