PA primary election results


(AP Photo/ Carolyn Kaster)

Kathy Stouffer holds an “I Voted” sticker after voting in the Pennsylvania primary election at the Michaux Manor Living Center in Fayetteville on Tuesday.

By Allison Radziwon, Assistant News Editor

Pennsylvania citizens voted on Tuesday to determine which candidates will run in the general election this fall. The upcoming midterm election is vital, as Pennsylvania’s elections in the fall may determine which political party wins control of the U.S. Senate. 

Here are the current results of the primary election.


Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who suffered from a stroke on Friday, won the Democratic primary with about 59% of the vote. Rep. Conor Lamb placed second with about 26.3% of the vote. Malcolm Kenyatta placed third with about 10.4% of the vote, and Alex Khalil placed fourth with about 4.2% of the vote.

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Fetterman thanked voters on Tuesday night and said the fight for control of the Senate has just begun, as Pennsylvania is one of the key states for Democrats.

“This is the most important race in the country. Control of the Senate is going to come down to Pennsylvania, and we have to flip this seat. We have a hard fight ahead of us – but Pennsylvania is worth fighting for,” Fetterman said. “We’re going to win in November the same way we won tonight – by fighting for every county and every vote. Because every place matters, and no place deserves to be written off.”

Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Dave McCormick conceded to former TV show host and surgeon Mehmet Oz on June 3 during the statewide recount. Currently, Oz leads in the recount with 31.2% of the vote, while McCormick places second with 31.1% of the vote. The recount will finish on June 7. Kathy Barnette placed third with about 24.7% of the vote. 


Douglas Mastriano won the Republican primary with about 44% of the vote. Lou Barletta placed second with about 20.3% of the vote, and Bill McSwain placed third with 15.7% of the vote.

(AP Photo/ Carolyn Kaster)

Josh Shapiro ran uncontested on the Democratic ballot. 

Lieutenant Governor

Austin Davis won the Democratic primary with about 62.9% of the vote. Brian Sims placed second with about 25.1% of the vote and Ray Sosa placed third with about 12.0% of the vote. 

In the Republican primary, Carrie Lewis DelRosso won with about 25.6% of the vote. Rick Saccone placed second with about 15.7% of the vote, and Teddy Daniels placed third with about 12.2% of the vote. Clarice Schillinger placed fourth with about 11.9% of the vote, followed by Jeff Coleman, James Earl Jones, Russ Diamond, John Brown and Chris Frye, respectively. 

U.S. House – 7th District

Lisa Scheller won with about 51.3% of the vote on the Republican ballot, followed by Kevin Dellicker who received about 48.7% of the vote. 

No candidates ran on the Democratic ballot in the 7th District. 

U.S. House – 8th District

Jim Bognet won the Republican ballot with about 68.9% of the vote, and Mike Marsicano received about 31.1% of the vote.

No candidates ran on the Democratic ballot in the 8th District. 

U.S. House – 17th District

In the Democratic primary, Chris Deluzio won with about 63.7% of the vote. Sean Meloy received about 36.3% of the vote.

Jeremy Shaffer won the Republican primary with about 58.6% of the vote. Jason Killmeyer placed second with about 24.1% of the vote and Kathy Coder placed third with about 17.3% of the vote, respectively. 

12th Congressional District 

State Rep. Summer Lee won the Democratic primary with about 41.8% of the vote, followed closely by Steve Irwin who received about 41.1% of the vote. Pitt law professor Jerry Dickinson placed third with about 10.9% of the vote. The winner for the 12th Congressional District’s Democratic candidate was called on Friday by the Associated Press.

Lee declared victory on election night and said “the people” won as a result of her victory. 

“Today, the people took on the corporations and the people won. We built a movement in Western Pennsylvania that took on corporate power, stood up for working families and beat back a multimillion dollar smear campaign,” Lee said. “This was never about one candidate – it was about the people of this district who have been left behind by corporations who put their profits over our lives. Today is a new way forward for everyone in the Commonwealth with no one left behind.”

Mike Doyle ran uncontested on the Republican ballot. 

The results will be updated to reflect the most recent numbers.