Editorial | The top 7 best things about staying in Oakland for the summer


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The Cathedral of Learning alongside the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain.

Since it’s officially the beginning of summer, we decided to reflect on the best parts of staying in Oakland for the summer. Whether you are staying in North Oakland, South Oakland, or any of the dorms on campus, here are some of the best parts about staying in the lovely city of Pittsburgh over the summer.

No more crowds

The worst part of Oakland during the school year is how crowded it is. Whether you get stuck behind a campus tour or a first-year who doesn’t know which building their class is in, getting caught behind a slow walker on campus is the worst. At least in the summer, some people have left to return to their hometowns so the crowds have thinned slightly.

You have time to explore

Oakland is a great place to explore. Whether it is the trails in Schenley Park or the local stores and restaurants like Las Palmas and Groceria Merante, there is always something to do or something new to discover. Take advantage of the local sights! 

You can get a taste of the 9 to 5

Many people who stay in Oakland for the summer have summer jobs or internships where they can decide whether or not they want to pursue a career in their ideal field of study. Finding out what you like and don’t like about a workplace is necessary before entering the job pool. Additionally, it’s nice to make a little money during the summer so you can do even more fun things during the year.

Summer classes can help you learn at your own pace

Pitt offers summer classes that many of the students staying in Oakland for the summer are taking advantage of. There are many options for classes, and you can take some that pique your interest but won’t fit in your schedule during the school year. Summer classes are a great way to learn at your own pace and fill in requirements that you can’t during the year — we encourage you to take advantage of this!

You can go on trips outside Oakland

Summer is the greatest time to go camping or go to a lake or beach. There are great campgrounds and lakes near us — if you’re willing to drive a bit. You can rent an RV or do it the old-fashioned way and bring a tent and sleeping bag. As for the lake, you can make it a weekend trip and go to the beaches and tan. The world is your oyster!

You can take advantage of the nightlife

Without the usual responsibilities of homework or studying, you can stay out all night and hit the town. In Southside, with the most bars per capita in the world, there is plenty to do. Additionally, a lot of great artists are coming to Pittsburgh this summer, so you can attend concerts at Stage AE and take advantage of the outdoor venue.

You can relax and recharge

The best part about summer is the ability to take a break from the normal school year and relax and recharge. Pick up a good book, sit out in the sun and do things that bring you joy and relaxation — it’s what everyone deserves after a weird school year.

Whether you are spending your summer in Oakland or thinking about it for next year, there are a ton of advantages to staying close to campus for the summer. Happy Oakland summer, Panthers!