Meet the editors: Culture


Pamela Smith | Visual Editor

Jessica McKenzie, culture editor.

By Jessica McKenzie, Culture Editor

There’s nothing quite like Pittsburgh’s culture, and nobody knows that better than the culture desk at The Pitt News. We write about what sets our City and University apart 一 tightly-knit communities in the worlds of visual art, food, film, creative writing and more.

To me, Pitt’s vibrant culture is what makes it such a cool place to earn an education. Here at the culture desk, we have highlighted everything from Pitt’s many talented musicians to famous voice actor alumni, and of course, Pittsburgh’s legendary pickle festival, Picklesburgh. We also have you covered on the arts and entertainment world at large, and we’re always sure to review the hottest new albums, films and binge-worthy Netflix series.

The writers at the culture desk are a passionate crew of music nerds, film junkies, foodies and fashion enthusiasts. I feel so incredibly fortunate to geek out, write and keep learning about all things culture 一 and Pittsburgh 一 with them.

My name is Jessica McKenzie and I’m a senior English writing and communication and rhetoric major. I’m a textbook Aries, ENFP, swiftie and coffee snob. As someone who transferred to Pitt in fall 2020 一 the height of the COVID-19 pandemic 一 I joined The Pitt News in April 2021 searching for something that would make me excited to be at a new school. 

I fell in love with Pittsburgh as soon as I joined this desk. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been continuously blown away by all the quirky, talented and heartwarming folks I’ve encountered while doing this job. I’m thrilled to be culture editor this year.

If you would like to share any story ideas, talk about Taylor Swift’s latest “Easter eggs,” or just say hey, please connect with me at [email protected]. I can’t wait to show you everything we’re buzzing about!