Meet the Editors: Visuals, Multimedia and Layout


Betul Tuncer | Managing Editor

Jaime Ely, multimedia editor, and Pamela Smith and Clare Sheedy, visual editors.

Meet your visuals editors helping to produce eye-catching layout, video, illustrations and photos worth a thousand words. With the help of our talented staff, the visuals and multimedia desks help keep The Pitt News’ stories visually interesting and immersive. From ACC-winning football to presidential visits to restaurant reviews, visuals are in every corner of TPN, and our layout editor ensures that TPN is in every corner of campus. 

Connect with the visuals desk at [email protected], or the multimedia desk at [email protected]

Pamela Smith, Visual Editor

Hi, my name is Pam and this is my second year as visual editor! I am a junior double majoring in English writing and history and philosophy of science, with a certificate in public communication of science and technology. I applied to The Pitt News my first year as a news writer, but visuals ended up with my application first and here I am now. Outside of photography, writing and sending too many emails, I enjoy listening to music, playing the violin, working for Pitt IT and eating the El Jefe bowl from Roots (with the works).

Clare Sheedy, Assistant Visual Editor 

Hello, I’m Clare! I’m a senior English-Literature student and the assistant visual editor. I transferred to Pitt last January and, to meet other students, I joined The Pitt News as a staff photographer. I also wanted a way to explore my interest in photography! Before joining TPN, I had little photography experience, but I knew I liked to document my family and take my camera on walks. I can now photograph more things.

When I’m not taking photos or editing, I’m most likely eating, sleeping or in the bathroom. I also like to walk around, read, collage and watch movies.

Anna Ehlers, Layout Editor

Hi, I’m Anna! I study fiction writing and film here at Pitt. I joined The Pitt News last year as a copy editor, and I’m excited to start my second year here as layout editor. I loved being a copy editor because I got to read the stories everyone was writing, but I also enjoy the creativity of being a layout editor. I also occasionally write opinion pieces as a contributing editor about Taylor Swift. Outside of TPN, I work as an A/V tech, make fun of movies, listen to podcasts about mythology and watch chateau renovation videos while wishing that was my life. 

Jaimé Ely, Multimedia Editor

Hi, I’m Jaimé! I’m a junior communication major with a certificate in television & broadcast arts and the head multimedia editor at The Pitt News. I joined TPN my first year as a multimedia editor and correspondent, and I am forever grateful for my opportunity to work for and lead the multimedia division of TPN

Because of TPN, I’ve been able to cover some amazing opportunities and had one of my videos picked up by three national news outlets. Outside of TPN, I serve as parliamentarian for Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, DJ for WPTS Radio, reporter and producer for Pitt to the Point, and I’m a member of the new broadcast club on campus. In my free time (what is that?) I enjoy talking to my family, spending time with friends, singing, listening to music and watching movies.