Letters to the Editor, 1/14

By Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Imagine my surprise when I opened The Pitt News yesterday and read… To the Editor,

Imagine my surprise when I opened The Pitt News yesterday and read Leah

Trimble’s column, “Can’t spell ménage à trois? You can still have one.” I

was delighted to hear that Ms. Trimble believes college to be a “free pass

for bypassing moral code.” When I enrolled at Pitt, I was hoping to gain

an education and experience that would help me in the “real world.” The

last time I checked, a moral code still exists among 9-to-5 jobs,

mortgages and heartburn medication.

However, Ms. Trimble appears to be living in an alternate reality in which

anything goes! I look forward to reading additional articles in which she

navigates this delightful, moral-free world. I suggest she continue by

informing us on how to cheat on our significant other and hook up with

underage students. After all, what is college all about?


Arielle Juberg

School of Arts & Sciences

To the Editor,

I am writing in response to your latest sex column, “Can’t

spell ménage à trois?”

In the first bullet point, the writer asks, “Do you want two guys or two

girls?” This question is heteronormative; it implies the only

threesome possible would involve a heterosexual encounter. It is highly

possible that many people would want three guys or three girls and none

of the opposite sex.

I do not read this error as intentional or malicious, merely as an

unconscious mistake. Still, while it pleases me that The Pitt News has

created this column, as I think it can do a lot to address the

misconception that sexuality is shameful or to be feared, I must insist on

a higher level of critical and political awareness in the final words you

offer to your readers.

Robin Clarke

Visiting Lecturer in English