Corbett names Pitt’s Chancellor and other officials to transition committees

By Michael Macagnone

Governor-elect Tom Corbett turned to Pitt’s Chancellor, Mark Nordenberg, and more than half a… Governor-elect Tom Corbett turned to Pitt’s Chancellor, Mark Nordenberg, and more than half a dozen others from Pitt in selecting  members of his transition committees.

The committees will help Corbett transition into office in January. Pitt was the only university in the state to have more than one administrator named to the committees, according to a news release from the Corbett transition team. According to the release, there are more than 400 members on the various committees.

The list from Pitt includes three administrators, a professor, two vice presidents at UPMC and three members of the Board of Trustees.

Pitt spokesman John Fedele said that the duties of the transition team would not interfere with the members’ current duties at Pitt.

The eight transition team members from Pitt include Nordenberg; associate vice chancellor Everette James and executive vice chancellor Jerome Cochran; adjunct law professor/senior vice president and chief legal officer at UPMC Robert Cindrich; Robert Kennedy, vice president at UPMC, and Pitt Trustees John A. Maher III, James Roddey and Mary Jo White.

Nordenberg will co-chair the Education Committee, and Cindrich will co-chair the Health and Aging Committee.

Cochran will sit on the Budget, Pensions and Revenue Committee. James will also serve on the Health and Aging Committee.

Kennedy will be on the Public Safety Committee.

Maher, a state representative, will sit on the Agriculture Committee.

Roddey, a former Allegheny County Executive, will sit on the Economic Development Committee and Transportation/Infrastructure Committee.

White, a state senator, will be on the Energy and Environment Committee.

Representatives from the Corbett transition team could not be reached for additional comment.