Red Wanting Blue offers ‘Magnificent’ LP

By Larissa Gula

These Magnificent Miles

Red Wanting… These Magnificent Miles

Red Wanting Blue

Fanatic Records


Rocks like: Bruce Springsteen

Red Wanting Blue’s album These Magnificent Miles certainly doesn’t leave its listener wanting.

The album kicks off with “Gravity,” a song carried through by a baritone lead singer. Over a solid beat he sings, “I would be a spaceman for you/If it wasn’t for gravity, we’d be gone.”

And on the note of attempting to battle physics, the album continues.

The other songs follow a similar musical style, keeping the chords simple and mixing the guitar and drums reasonably. The result is some enjoyable, emotional rock music.

Though the band remains consistent, the album doesn’t become monotonous.

Tracks like “Where You Wanna Go” bring a bit of a country-sounding melody that adds something heartwarming to the mix. “The World Is Over” picks up the pace, taking the album a step above melodious and making it energetic, with chorus lines like, “So beat that drum/’Til we run out all of the air in our lungs.”

About halfway through, the band offers a rather touching tribute, “The Air I Breathe.” With lyrics like, “I’ve crossed through fire and the stormy seas/Living my life like a kamikaze/Losing you would bring me to my knees/You’re the air I need to breathe/I rescue you/’Cause you rescue me,” it had the potential of being overblown. But the players have complete control over their composition, and the result is music that matches these lyrics perfectly.

Overall, this album is very well done. With a reasonable score that never overpowers the vocal talents and lyrics that offer insight into touching experiences, Red Wanting Blue succeeds in making a cohesive, entertaining and well-balanced album.