Weekend Watchlist | Shows to binge over break

By The Pitt News Staff

Thanksgiving break is almost here, allowing us a blissful weeklong respite from the crushing weight of classes. To fill the time, here are some shows you can binge!

Yellowjackets (Showtime) // Toni Jackson, Staff Writer

This show has everything. Survivalism, teen pregnancy, angsty lesbians and Christina Ricci.

“Yellowjackets” follows a high school girls soccer team in 1996 who must figure out how to survive after a plane crash leaves them stranded in the Canadian wilderness. If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough, the show also follows their lives in 2021 lives after escaping, where they face new but equally mysterious setbacks. While it may take all of the supense out of the show if you know who survives, there is so much drama in both settings that you never know where the show will take you.

There are 10 episodes each an hour long, making it a perfect weeklong binge over break. While the buzz around the show has slowed down since the first season ended, season two is currently filming and set to release sometime next year.

Berserk (1997) (YouTube) // Nicholas Simila, Staff Writer

Guts is a prodigious mercenary just trying to get by. He seems to care little for anybody or anything except himself and his survival. He wanders from battlefield to battlefield until he runs into Griffith, the beguiling leader of a revolutionary mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk. Guts challenges Griffith to a duel, loses and must serve Griffith as punishment.

Guts’ rough exterior softens as he builds a stronger bond with Griffith and his fellow mercenaries, finding both love and a true family for the first time in his life. However, the looming threat of Griffith’s true intentions casts a cloud of uncertainty throughout the series until this culminates in the brutal and unforgettable finale.

This series showcases the highest and lowest points of humanity as it contemplates just how far one will go to achieve their dream. Both the English dub and the original Japanese are available for free on YouTube, and since the series only runs about eight hours total, it’s an incredibly bingeable show.

Made for Love (HBO Max) // Toni Jackson, Staff Writer

I will avenge “Made for Love” if it’s the last thing I ever do! This show was clever, funny and knew how to depict female characters in a way that still isn’t common on television.

The show focuses on Hazel (Cristin Milioti), who escapes from the isolated bubble her tech billionaire husband Byron (Billy Magnussen) kept her in. After escaping, she discovers that without her consent he implanted a chip in her brain, enabling him to see and feel everything that she does (the chip is called Made for Love – hence the show’s title). She moves in with her estranged father Herbert (Ray Romano) and now must find a way to gain her independence.

After the second season was released in May 2022, HBO canceled it. I mourn this show every day, but still encourage people to watch it. “Made for Love” ends on a very satisfying note, and the journey is worth it. There are two seasons and only 16 half-hour episodes total, making each season feel like a movie