The best jams to listen to during finals week

By Sarah Demchak, Staff Writer

Piles of last minute homework, cramming for exams and late nights at the library — finals week eerily approaches. This week is one of the most stressful weeks for most Pitt students. However, listening to music may help relieve some of that stress. Here is a list of five playlists, albums and songs to listen to during the upcoming difficult week. 

I bet you know exactly what this looks like — an anime-style depiction of a girl wearing headphones studying with her cat looking out the window — she is iconic. Lofi Girl started streaming in 2015, making this one of the longest running videos on the platform. It runs 24/7, providing calming lyric-free beats and a live chat to accompany the music. 

The lack of lyrics makes this perfect to listen to while doing work. It provides the background noise some people need to study while not distracting them with words. Its relaxing tunes also can help keep the stress levels lower while studying. 

Since it’s a livestream, there is an endless amount of new beats to listen to, making it perfect for long study sessions, entering into the right headspace and getting into the groove. The live chat provides another level of de-stressing. If listeners need a break from working, they can pop into the chat and talk with other listeners. Many chatters discuss study tips, which is beneficial. They are also from all over the world, which is fun to converse with during a study break. 

If finals week is just too full with work, listen to this live stream to remain calm. Study with Lofi Girl and her cat — she’s festive right now, with a Santa hat and ornaments decorating her room. 

City and Colour will serenade you with acoustic guitar and soft singing. This song is an acoustic folk tune filled with beautiful strumming and melodious lyrics. The singer, Dallas Green, does a wonderful job at evoking strong emotion in listeners as he sings about falling in love with a girl and having to leave her behind. 

The live version performed in Saint John, New Brunswick on May 2, 2017 is also an amazing listen. This version is also on Spotify. 

This song is great to listen to after finishing an intense study session. It will help clear your head, calm your nerves and entrance you. 

Need to get hyped before that ECE 1140 Trains final presentation? Blast “James Brown Is Dead” to get that adrenaline pumping. This electronic dance music will transport listeners to a loud Dutch club in 1992 filled with flashing lights and tons of movement. The catchy beat makes heads nod and feet tap. 

L.A. Style perfectly encapsulated electronic dance music with this single. If the study session approaches late night hours, play this song. Its high energy, fast-paced beat, frantic rave vibes will wake you up. The song never slows down and will give you the boost of energy you need to continue cramming. It also may get you on your feet to dance around during a well-deserved study break. 

This 2004 album will make all stress leave your body upon listening. The 11 country songs transport listeners to a fun-filled camping trip sitting around a fire singing and playing the guitar with friends. There are many people who dislike country music, but its simplicity aids in de-stressing from finals. Country music is easy to predict as most songs follow a similar outline, making this album easy to digest, which is perfect during finals week. 

Chesney’s soothing voice tells listeners a story with each song, most with happy undertones. Listen to this album as you take the brutally cold walk to the library to begin the day’s studying — this will set you up for a successful, clear-headed and less-stressful work session.

“The Duck Song” is a classic childhood memory, which is perfect for de-stressing during this upcoming hellish week. Transport back to 2009 with this song when times were easier, and finals week didn’t exist in elementary school. Listeners can ignore the impending doom and live in the past for three minutes. 

This song and animation is innocent and simplistic. Watching the video is a fun experience for all. It is a perfect break in between memorizing flashcards and reviewing study guides. 

Finals week is not enjoyable, but listening to these tunes can make it feel less dreadful. Study hard, and maybe dance to “James Brown Is Dead” in the library — on the ground floor, of course — this week.