New video channel, Music from the 412, highlights local music in Pittsburgh


Image via Music from the 412

Members of “Music from the 412,” Emily Raad and Ray Mongelli.

By Serena Garcia, Senior Staff Writer

For Anthony “Rocky” Lamonde, his new music video channel, Music From the 412 , highlights original music that is trending in the Pittsburgh region. 

“I wanted to do something to help original music in this town,” Lamonde said. “I think people should focus and more attention should be given to an artist who actually takes time to write his own material and to their given of themselves to write songs, and to do something that is original. That is something that should be celebrated.”

Lamonde, a Pittsburgh native, musician, engineer, and Music From the 412 producer, conceptualized the station last year and debuted it on New Year’s Eve. Running 24 hours a day, the station is accessible via its website or through streaming apps like Roku, TenBandTV and Amazon Fire TV.  

The channel’s sponsors include The Vault Recording Studio, Red Medicine Recording, Pamela Bryan and more. Lamonde said he also creates his own commercials on the station that convey messages of support for music education and pet adoption.

With the constant play of more than 400 music videos and a set of original shows, the station allows viewers to discover new artists and musicians from Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas such as “A Common Crown,” “Domenic Fusca” and more

Lamonde said he welcomes all submissions from musicians based in Pittsburgh.

“I’m trying to do a quality station that highlights original music for Pittsburgh,” Lamonde said. “And I have some bands that aren’t even from Pittsburgh on the station. Sometimes there’s a guy from Pittsburgh who’s living in California who has a band. I have bands like that going on the station a lot.” 

Despite spending most of his life in the music scene and playing in bands including his current band, “The Borstal Boys,” Lamonde said he’s still discovering new artists through the Music From the 412 station.

“Since I started doing this, I’ve come across probably 50 bands that I really really like that I never even knew existed,” Lamonde said. “And I’m probably not even tapping 10% of everything that’s here. There’s probably a whole scene of young bands from Pitt… who are playing house parties or things like that, making their own videos. I’d love to hear it and I’d love to play it on the station.”

Music From the 412 also features guest VJs to introduce the music videos and add some commentary for viewers. Most recently, the station had Pittsburgh-native, Aubrey Burchell on as a guest VJ. Burchell is a 22-year-old singer who recently competed on the 17th season of “America’s Got Talent” and made it to the semifinals. Burchell said Music From the 412 gives exposure to local artists that are struggling to gain an audience. 

“Music from the 412 is a great way to give artists, specifically our local artists, the exposure that they need on top of how difficult it is to promote yourself,” Burchell said.  “Musicians give the gift of their music, and Music from the 412 gives the gift of exposure, and love and local support.” 

The station also features a variety of original shows and segments, such as “The Furnace,” “Steamworks Sessions,” “The Pennsylvania Rock Show Live!,” “Spacebat Productions Presents” and Lamonde’s own, “Rocky’s Rock N Roll Symphony.” 

“The Furnace is a concert series that films new episodes once a month and typically plays on the station both Friday and Saturday. Steamworks Sessions, which highlights acoustic singers and songwriters and allows viewers to witness interviews, insight on songwriting and performances, also features new episodes monthly.

Lamonde’s show, “Rocky’s Rock N Roll Symphony,” includes interviews, live performances and acoustic acts that spotlight local artists in the Pittsburgh area. The channel will feature its first live show, “The Pennsylvania Rock Show Live!” on Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. Outside of the five existing shows, Lamonde is already planning on adding some more shows to the mix. 

“Some more shows will definitely follow,” Lamonde said. “This is just the start of it.” 

The other main show, “Spacebat Productions Presents,” continues to feature multiple hosts throughout its first season, including Spacebat Productions owner, Trisha “BatTrish” Hosac. Hosac said each episode features a new host.

“It’s kind of different every time,” Hosac said. “So I start off with an introduction or if we’re just gonna hop right into a band interview, and then some footage of them. I always like to have a performance there. So it’s more of a segmented show, but it’s like interviews, music videos or live performance cuts. It’s a big mix of that.”

With a new host joining each episode, the variety show allows viewers to be able to learn more about artists, musicians and even events going on in the area. Local musician Lexa Terrestrial hosted the latest episode of “Spacebat Productions Presents: Aliens Over Pittsburgh” and Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist Lys Scott was a guest. With the show, Hosac hopes viewers will not only learn more about local artists but maybe even connect with them as well. 

“It’s getting the music out there to the people that can relate to it, and maybe it’ll help them or inspire them,” Hosac said. 

Hosac also said by visiting the station viewers can participate in the Pittsburgh music scene themselves. Whether it’s tuning in for an hour-long show or playing the music videos in the background, the station has something for everyone.

“It’s there. It’s on. It’s 24/7. You tune in when you can,” Hosac said. “You watch it once and now you’re a part of the music scene in Pittsburgh.” 

Raymond Mongelli, the associate producer who helps with video production for the station, stated Music from the 412 allows musicians a place to find an audience and show the rest of Pittsburgh the musical talent that is bursting within the city. 

“It really is fantastic talent that we have here,” Mongelli said. “Just being able to put it all in one place and have people sit back and chill and maybe find something new that you become a fan of long-term. I think that’s fantastic.” 

Burchell said unlike other radio stations that typically play more mainstream music, Music from the 412 showcases the local music scene thriving in Pittsburgh.

“I think the number one thing that sets it apart is its focus on local love and support,” Burchell said. “It’s not just a station that plays artists that are popular. It’s a station that plays all genres and people that you can go see at your local bars and wineries. People that are fighting the good fight to do what they love to do. I think that’s what makes it so special.”