Weekend Watchlist | What to watch on Netflix

By The Pitt News Staff

Ah, Netflix. The first major streaming platform. Even with all the changes being made in the landscape of online streaming, it still has a pretty impressive library of shows and movies under its belt. Here’s some things you can pull up and watch on Netflix this weekend.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Netflix) // Sinéad McDevitt, Digital Manager

All I should have to say is “this show gave us ‘Don’t Be A Lawyer’” to get you to watch it, but if for some reason that’s not enough, here’s the pitch.

Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is a big shot New York lawyer who’s deeply stressed and unhappy. She moves to West Covina, California, after discovering her high school ex-boyfriend is moving there. Across three seasons and tons of banger musical numbers, Rebecca makes friends, finds love and, most importantly, takes accountability for her insane actions. Until then, the show is a fun ride with endearing — albeit not exactly morally defensible — characters.

It’s really fun watching Rebecca and the people around her change and grow, and the writing is quick and witty. It’s a show made by theater kids. It’s everything you could ever need.

What Did Jack Do? (Netflix) // Nicholas Simila, Staff Writer

Can a monkey commit murder most foul?

Celebrated auteur David Lynch plays the role of a hardbroiled homicide detective interrogating a small talking monkey. The short film, which clocks in at only 17 minutes, is shot in black and white and is full of absurdity. It focuses entirely on the conversation between the detective and Jack, the monkey. Several seemingly unrelated things are discussed, including farm animals, the Communist Party and the power of love.

The dialogue is the prime mover of this short film — it is both hilarious and deeply unnerving. You laugh at some parts, feel discomforted by others and are left outright confused by the end of it. Lynch is written all over this film. It’s set in the diner of an outdated railroad station, complete with ominous industrial whizzing and whirring. Jack’s nasally, off-putting voice contrasts with Lynch’s, who appears to be acting as serious as he possibly can.

“What Did Jack Do?” is completely strange, and I’ll leave it at that. If you’re looking for something to cleanse your media palette, then this is it.

Avatar the Last Airbender (Netflix) // Sinéad McDevitt, Digital Manager

In a world where certain people are gifted with the ability to control one of the four elements — water, earth, fire or air — Aang is the Avatar, someone who can control all four. However, he’s got a massive task ahead of him — mastering all four elements in a few months before the Fire Lord takes over the world.

Aang and his friends travel across a rich and well-realized world in his quest to learn all the elements while also fending off the likes of pirates, Fire Nation soldiers and the disgraced Prince Zuko — many a tween’s first edgy bad boy crush. The show is a great mix of action, comedy and drama and still holds up almost 20 years later.

If you haven’t seen the show, you should definitely watch. It really is as good as everyone says. And if you have watched the show already? Well, maybe it’s time to watch it again. There are so many details that you can only spot on a rewatch.