Student Government Board reaches agreement with Student Affairs regarding student activity fee allocations


Patrick Cavanagh | Senior Staff Photographer

Student Government Board at its first meeting of the semester at Nordy’s Place on Sept. 6.

By Ryleigh Lord, Assistant News Editor

The Student Government Board announced in an Instagram post on Thursday night that it has reached an agreement with the Division of Student Affairs regarding the allocation of student activity fee funding. 

“The agreement, proposed by President Danielle Floyd, Vice President of Operations Isabel Lam, and Allocations Chair Carson Hawk, will result in 430,000.00 being allocated to improving student experiences and providing more support for student organization,” the statement said. 

The new allocation grants $100,000 to “Traditions,” or established Pitt programs, and $50,000 to support new student experiences in an effort to expand opportunities to all organizations at the University.

It also gives $50,000 to “registered service student organizations that are not eligible for funding through the SGB allocations process, but which otherwise comply with university policies and procedures,” according to the statement.

Allocations Chair Carson Hawk said he believes these funds will have a positive impact on the greater Pitt community. 

“We are excited about the new funds being implemented that can serve as an alternative to allocations funding for organizations in need of financial assistance in order to execute their program,” Hawk said in the Instagram statement. “Simply put, the opportunities and support this agreement provides are going to be felt by every student engaged in our campus community and we can’t wait to see the impact this has.”

SGB President Danielle Floyd highlighted the increased funding of $190,000 given to the Student Organization Resource Center, as she believes it “will improve the experience of every student organization on campus.”

The change in allocations will also allocate $25,000 of funding to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, which is a resource administered by Student Affairs that helps students with financial support.

SGB Vice President Isabel Lam said this agreement is necessary for the Pitt community, and hopes the new funds grant voices to organizations that previously felt voiceless. 

“This proposal is exactly what I had in mind to serve the greater student body and our community,” Lam said. “Moreover, the need for this proposal has always been clear, so I am grateful for the opportunity to help bring this to life. I hope that these new funds will improve our community aid groups that previously felt like they did not have a voice.”