Editorial | What your spring break destination says about you

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

Students, we know you’re tired of the semester, but thankfully spring break kicks off on March 5. All you need to do is power through this week and you’re free… well, at least for seven days. 

You absolutely deserve a break, but where you spend that time definitely says something about you — but what? Let’s take a look. 


Ah, yes, Florida — the armpit of the United States, yet among the most popular spring break destinations. We have either spent a break there or we know someone who has, and oh my, do those trips come with tales. Regardless, spring break in Florida is an American staple, so you’re most likely a person of tradition. You like the trends, you like what you know will certainly be a good time and you like a feeling of community. 

These traits are all reasonable, but what isn’t reasonable is leaving a trace of your amazing week behind. Do the armpit a favor and throw your garbage away 

As Maury the Hormone Monster in “Big Mouth” said, “Anything goes in Florida,” so have fun, be safe and clean up after yourself in between drunken stupors.  


For those heading to Mexico, we understand you’re under 21. You want to drink on your break or enjoy a party scene that’s slightly more elevated than Florida. But, if you can, venture outside of the resort you are most likely staying in — probably in Cancun or Cabo — to see the beauty of Mexico. We know you probably won’t, considering the long days you’ll inevitably spend by the pool sipping whatever fruity mixed drink or bottled beer speaks to your heart. You’ll probably experience the worst hangover of your life, but that’s why you have a whole week off for recovery.      


If you are making your way home for break, you either make good financial decisions or love your family. Home can be where the heart is, but it can also be the place where you sleep on the single bed from your childhood — that is if your parents haven’t converted your old bedroom into an office space, subjecting you to a blow-up mattress or some other uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. You’re definitely going to have back pains after this trip, but hopefully it doesn’t leave you emotionally retraumatized or questioning the sanity of your family. 


For those staying in Oakland for break, you’re a homebody who enjoys life’s peaceful moments among what seems like perpetual chaos. While warm sunny days on campus bring out students in hoards, you can finally enjoy the sunshine without sitting shoulder to shoulder with people in Schenley Plaza or having to scramble for a prime hammocking spot on campus. You know the Forbes Chipotle tastes a little more fresh, and not having to wait for your Dunkin’ or Starbucks after ordering in person is a top-tier feeling — almost celebrity status. You enjoy predictability and maybe want to get to know Pittsburgh a little more.  

Somewhere Tropical

Heading to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Aruba or the U.S Virgin Islands? Well, GOOD FOR YOU. While you’re soaking in the sun on a resort, drinking piña coladas and lounging poolside, there are some of us who will live vicariously through your social media posts from the comfort of our own bed. You definitely are high maintenance and enjoy a life of luxury, and there isn’t anything wrong with that — you just have to own that truth. You like feeling special, so every comment on Instagram saying something along the lines of “I’m so jealous” fills your heart with joy. You know you’re having the best time and you’re unbothered by other people’s spring break plans.