Panther Pit forced to close after receiving seven health code violations


Alexandra Ross | Contributing Editor

The outside of Panther Pit Sports Bar, located on 226 Meyran Avenue.

By Punya Bhasin, News Editor

Panther Pit Sports Bar, located on 226 Meyran Avenue, was ordered to close Sunday after receiving seven health code violations from the Allegheny County Health Department. The incident report detailed leaking sewage pipes, lack of soap for handwashing and damaged floor and ceilings. 

The restaurant, which opened to the general public in September, received two “medium risk” violations. The report described the first as a “waste water disposal” violation for damaged sewage piping in the second floor utility room. It said “a rough hole” was cut in the side of a piping joint, with another pipe pushed into that hole.  

“The rough hole is not sealed — strong odor of sewer gas,” the report said. 

The other “medium risk” violation dealt with the restaurant’s handwashing facilities. The report said hand sinks on the first, second and third floors were not “accessible and/or not stocked with soap and paper towels,” leaving no way for staff to wash their hands.

There was also no way for a bartender to wash their hands on the rear bar on the third floor, which is a small bar with no plumbing fixtures. According to the report, this bar was set up “with an ice bin and some liquor.” 

When reached by phone Monday, Ken Plumb, one of the owners of Panther Pit, said there are “some issues we have to deal with like so many other organizations,” but declined to comment about when the bar would reopen. 

The letter from the Allegheny County Health Department ordering Panther Pit Sports Bar to close. (Alexandra Ross | Contributing Editor)

The restaurant also received four “low risk” violations. The violations included a “contamination prevention” violation for storing beer kegs directly below sewage pipes in the basement walk-in cooler, and a separate violation for a missing ceiling in the basement walk-in cooler around sewage lines. 

The report also said the floor behind the first floor is damaged, and the soda system boxes are leaking onto the floor in the basement. Lastly, the walls in the second-floor bathroom are made of particle board which is “not a smooth, easily cleanable surface.” 

The report detailed corrective actions for Panther Pit including: 

  • Repair, replace or eliminate the damaged sewage piping, and that a “certified master plumber” must be used for the repair 
  • Keep handwashing sink open and accessible
  • Provide soap and sanitary towels or hand drying device near sink
  • Protect Food
  • Repair the ceiling of the basement walk-in cooler
  • Replace or modify the particle board in the second floor bathroom with a “smooth, easily cleanable surface material” 
  • Repair or replace the damaged floor behind the first floor bar