Matt Rife jokes about ‘terrible’ dating experiences, ghosts at Pittsburgh show


Image via Katy Jennings

Matt Rife tour poster.

By Donata Massimiani, Contributing Editor

Comedian Matt Rife performed live at Pittsburgh Improv Thursday night as a part of his “Chipped Shoulder” standup national tour. 

Rife held two sold out shows last night, one at 7:30 p.m. and one at 9:30 pm, and has six more scheduled at Pittsburgh Improv between Friday and Sunday — all also sold out. Inside the venue, a small stage with a wooden stool and microphone sat surrounded by rows of tables for guests. Nearly every seat filled, the room buzzed with enthusiasm as everyone waited for the show to begin. 

Comedian Alex Cureau opened the show with high energy. Among other things, Cureau talked about loving his hometown of New Orleans — but hating Louisiana — and jokingly referred to Pittsburgh as “happy Cleveland.” He joked about how women love to shop at Target while men prefer Walmart because it’s “pure chaos.” 

Cureau talked about growing up very religious and poked fun at the absurdities of certain Bible stories. He also joked about his once strained relationship with his father and his “terrible” dating experiences as a teen. 

Rife came to the stage after Cureau in a black “Brazzers” hoodie and black jeans and then immediately made a joke about there being “too much estrogen” in the room — a nod to his predominantly female fanbase. He began his set with a bit about getting suspended from Instagram for two months. He joked about his tendency to be confrontational with internet “haters” and the fact that he’s gotten suspended from Instagram on three separate occasions. 

Rife went on to share stories from his childhood about growing up in the Midwest and being part of the last generation to “play outside.” He talked about his ex-girlfriend and shared silly, intimate details about their relationship, then spent some time interacting with the audience. 

He then joked about his drastic fear of the dark and how he’s a “massive” believer in ghosts and monsters, even adding that he sleeps with the TV on each night so “the ghosts” will think he has people over and stay away. Rife continued to interact with the audience and a guest at a table in the front gave him a small pink rubber duck as a gift.          

Rife concluded the show by thanking everyone for coming out and apologizing for the delayed start. Cureau came back out on stage to showcase the merch available for purchase on the way out, and Rife held a VIP meet-and-greet directly after the show.