Men’s basketball: Blue-Gold rosters unveiled, dunk contest tonight

By Alex Oltmanns

The Pitt News gives you exclusive access to the rosters set for tonight’s annual Pitt men’s… The Pitt News gives you exclusive access to the rosters set for tonight’s annual Pitt men’s basketball Blue-Gold Scrimmage. The game, scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the Petersen Events Center, provides a preview of what the Panthers will look like this season.


Ashton Gibbs

Gilbert Brown

Lamar Patterson

Talib Zanna

Gary McGhee

Cameron Wright

Nick Rivers

Aron Nwanko


Brandin Knight

Pat Skerry

Jordan Marks


Travon Woodall

Brad Wanamaker

J.J. Moore

Nasir Robinson

Dante Taylor

Isaiah Epps

J.J. Richardson


Pat Sandle

Brian Regan

Jason Richards

Slam Dunk Contest Preview

The stage is set for tonight’s slam dunk contest between four Pitt men’s basketball players following the Blue-Gold Scrimmage. You’re probably familiar with some of the contestants, but you might not know the newer additions to the team. The Pitt News takes an in-depth look at the contestants.

Tale of the Tape

Gil Brown: Senior Forward

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 215

Brown is known as the high flyer of the team. With a long list of impressive dunks during his time in a Panther uniform, the best just might have come last season when he posterized Cincinnati’s Steve Toyloy and simultaneously drew a foul. Brown, who said his vertical leap was listed at 38 inches in high school and has probably improved since, looks like the favorite on paper right now. “I got a lot of tricks in my bag. I can’t give it away,” he said.

Nasir Robinson: Junior Forward

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 220

Though he’s not a big dunker in games, don’t count out Robinson as a serious contender for the title. He’s an athletic player who might surprise a lot of people with his leaping ability. “I’m going to show people I can jump,” he said. “I’m going to pull a trick out of my sleeve. I’m going to save it for later.”

J.J. Moore: Freshman Forward

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 200

This freshman’s athleticism might not be very well known on campus right now, but it soon will be. The team is certainly aware of it — guard Travon Woodall referred to him as “Jumping Jack” Moore. Just search YouTube to see the kind of dunks he can perform. One of his most recent dunks made its way online came in a showdown between him and Brown. “Me and Gil had our little dunk contest — that was just something to show people that we’re ready for our competition in the Big East,” Moore said. He said his vertical leap is around 38 inches and that his favorite dunk is a between-the-legs move, so look out for that. “I think we’re going to have a good showing,” he said.

Cameron Wright: Freshman Guard

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 200

Another freshman, Wright is a player with serious hops and highlight-reel dunks all over YouTube. While a fairly unknown commodity on campus right now, Wright has all the potential to win and can challenge the other three for the team’s slam dunk title.