Oltmanns: Favre should be punished by NFL for “sexting”

By Alex Oltmanns

Congratulations, Brett Favre, you’re now the most recent NFL quarterback to come into question… Congratulations, Brett Favre, you’re now the most recent NFL quarterback to come into question for some negative off-field activity.

The veteran quarterback is being accused of “sexting” former Jets employee Jenn Sterger and is making headlines for all the wrong reasons for the picture he reportedly sent of his, well, you get the idea.

On the heels of Mike Vick’s conviction for his involvement in dog fights and the accusations against Ben Roethlisberger for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman this summer — both of which led to suspensions — you would think NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would crack down on Favre.

But we all know he probably won’t.

Favre is the league’s poster child, its most prized player. He can pretty much do whatever he wants.

What other player can essentially skip training camp two years in a row while he decides whether he feels like playing or not?

If Big Ben was discovered “sexting,” the public would likely be urging Goodell to lay a heavy suspension on him. But not with Favre.

Now, Favre hasn’t been convicted of a crime, but neither was Roethlisberger.

But if it would’ve been Favre in that bathroom, all we’d probably have heard the media talk about would have been how wrong the girl was for having sex with a married man.

Because there’s no way he could have been at fault.

How could Favre, the Silver Fox, do any wrong?

I’m not saying that Ben’s suspension was wrong — he violated NFL policy and needed to be punished for it. The NFL just needs to be fair and not give preferential treatment to certain players.

The league needs to suspend Favre.

He didn’t break any laws, but he definitely violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy, if the allegations are true.

Pittsburgh sports talk-radio host Mark Madden made a good point on his show the other day when he said the league will probably just postpone their decision until after the season, by which time Favre may be retired.

Because God forbid the league would suspend him, breaking his legendary consecutive-starts record.

So Goodell, please suspend Favre for a game or two. It’s only fair.