Editorial | Which Barbie are the different majors?


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Barbie poster at the entrance of an exhibit.

The trailer and new posters for the movie “Barbie” coming out this summer were released last week. These awesome posters show the different Barbies and Kens in the movie with some hilarious captions including “She’s everything. He’s just Ken.” These posters obviously led to a new meme that has taken the internet by storm.

We thought we would contribute, so here are some majors at Pitt and their “Barbie” poster captions.

Biology: This Barbie has the entire Apple ecosystem because she thinks it will help her pass Organic Chemistry

We’ve all seen this Barbie in the library. She has her notes spread out around her and oftentimes looks stressed as she studies for yet another test that she’ll barely pass. This Barbie has accessories — sold separately, of course — including her Macbook, iPad, AirPod Max headphones blasting lo-fi hip hop beats and, of course, a giant iced coffee as she pulls an all-nighter in Hillman.

Business: This Ken needs to do their homework

The stereotype is true for this Ken. He probably should take notes from Biology Barbie and head to the library to do his homework. However, he has other things to do — mostly hanging out with his frat brothers. This Ken’s accessories include a calculator that hasn’t been used in months, a case of beer and a suit that he breaks out occasionally for frat events and job interviews.

Communications: This Barbie loves to talk about things no one cares about

Barbie historically has had many careers over the years to inspire girls to pursue their dreams. All of these careers have gained interest. With the communications Barbie, we can’t say the same. Whether she is investigating a niche topic to write an article about or simply just talking to hear her own voice, communications Barbie has her strengths and weaknesses. Accessories include a laptop in the depths of Wikipedia and half-finished articles and her phone, ready to record on the fly.

Nursing: This Barbie needs a nap

Between difficult classes and rotations, nursing Barbie is often busy. With homework, lots of patients and a nurse shortage, these Barbies are run down to the bone. While one of Barbie’s numerous careers is as a nurse, she has yet to work as a nursing student, so this Barbie will fully have the work-school experience. Accessories for nursing student Barbie include cute scrubs, a venti Starbucks cup and lots and lots of heavy textbooks. 

Engineering: This Barbie will fix Pittsburgh’s bridges

Barbie has yet to see a broken bridge as one of her illustrious careers so she should come to Pittsburgh and check them out — we have several! Engineering Barbie is ready to get her hands dirty and find some solutions to fix Pittsburgh’s infrastructure — that is, only if she passes physics. Accessories for engineering Barbie include an over-loved calculator, a desk in Swanson and a wish for a curve in her classes.

The “Barbie” movie doesn’t come out until this July, meaning that Greta Gerwig has time to add some Pitt Barbies to her film. Hopefully, this column will help her with the decision.