5 local coffee spots to get you through finals


Amaya Lobato | Staff Photographer

People sit inside of Redhawk Coffee on Meyran Avenue.

By Maria Scanga, Senior Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again — and no, we’re not talking about allergy season. We are officially in the time when there are no available tables at Hillman, the weather is too inconsistent for students to set up a study spot outside and people are running on nothing but caffeine and the pressure of quickly approaching deadlines. 

Students are even more stressed when they can’t find that perfect spot to jam out that final paper or study a whole semester’s worth of information for next week’s final. Not to worry, because there are plenty of local spots offering both working outlets and coffee that can sponsor your final grades. 

Here are the best coffee spots on and near campus for your comfy seating and caffeine addiction needs. 

  1. YINZ Coffee

An authentic Pittsburgh joint, given the name — YINZ Coffee has multiple locations, one of which is a quick 10-minute bus ride over to Friendship on Baum Boulevard. With modern decor and neutral blue walls, YINZ Coffee is a calm and quiet space for studying. It has ample seating and several tables for a productive study sesh, and it isn’t super crowded because of its distance from campus. 

It offers plenty of outlets for when your laptop is on its last leg and lots of drink options, including the 412, a $5.75 espresso frappe with whipped cream for both a kick of energy and a nice treat to reward yourself for writing an entire page. 

  1. Redhawk Coffee

Located right near Pitt’s campus on Meyran Avenue, Pittsburgh-based Redhawk Coffee is a campus favorite for good reason. The little shop boasts wooden floors and tables with red accents and, on the dryer, sunnier days, outdoor tables to get in some much-needed vitamin D. 

It has a simple drink menu perfect for those who just need some freshly brewed coffee or a creamy latte. Definitely snag a spot by the big window that gives the place relaxing natural light so you can take a break from studying by people-watching the streets of Oakland — pastry optional. 

  1. KLVN Coffee Lab

If students need a break from the typical cozy coffee joint and want a more modern, industrial vibe, KLVN is a great place to visit. Located in East Liberty, a short ride on any 71 bus will take you right there. 

With funky tables and seating, clear garage doors and potted plants, it’s a good alternative to the usual study spot. It’s great for studying those notecards and knocking out the practice quizzes without the temptation of curling up in the corner with a good book instead. It has ample outlets for students to get comfortable and spend some time basking in the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air. 

  1. Divvy Coffee & Buns

Another campus spot, Divvy Coffee & Buns is tucked in the heart of Oakland 一 right in between Stack’d and CHiKN. Divvy is the perfect spot for students who need more than caffeine to get through the week, as its expansive menu features both savory and sweet homemade treats. 

Students can fuel up on its famous breakfast sandwich or treat themselves with a much-deserved sweet bun that Divvy makes fresh daily. With a modern and chic feel, the local spot has lots of seating and is great for both the vibes and the snacks.

  1. Starbucks

Sometimes students just simply don’t have time to venture off campus and need a spot they can get to by walking a couple blocks. The classic, consistent and beloved Amos Hall Starbucks is the answer. 

Grab a quad-shot of espresso and snag a spot by the window so you can watch the PRT buses fly by and the dead-behind-the-eyes expressions of fellow students returning to their dorms. If you get hungry, its sandwiches are a good solution to the afternoon slump, and you don’t even have to abandon your spot. With plenty of seating, outlets and good music, there’s nothing unpredictable about Amos Hall Starbucks.