Column | Predicting the Steelers’ 2023-2024 campaign


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Acrisure Stadium on the North Shore.

By Matthew Scabilloni, Staff Writer

With the NFL releasing the official schedule dates for the 2023-2024 season two weeks ago, it’s time for fans and analysts alike to start looking ahead and predicting how the regular season will play out. Here are my predictions for the Steelers 2023-2024 campaign.

WEEK 1: 49ers @ Steelers on Sept. 10 

The 49ers will have questions at quarterback for this game, as Brock Purdy’s return is still in question due to the injury he suffered in the NFC Championship game. The 49ers may turn to their former first round pick Trey Lance, but questions still linger about his ability.

The Steelers will know what they have at quarterback with Kenny Pickett. The most intriguing part for them is whether or not there is growth for Pickett from year one to year two.

Prediction: 49ers make Steelers fans question if Pickett made the jump, win 28-17

WEEK 2: Browns @ Steelers on Sept. 18

Pickett and Deshaun Watson will take the field against another for the second time in their careers. This game will play a major role in deciding who takes early control of the division.

Prediction: Steelers take the driver’s seat, win 31-23

WEEK 3: Steelers @ Raiders on Sept. 24

The Raiders are going to look a lot different led by Jimmy Garoppolo rather than Derek Carr, but they won’t feel different, as Garapolo and Carr have similar play styles.

Prediction: Steelers show Garoppolo isn’t an upgrade, win 23-17

WEEK 4: Steelers @ Texans on Oct. 1 

The Texans are actually moving along with a plan this season. They recently hired DeMeco Ryans, who looks capable of leading the Texans for years to come. They also drafted a franchise quarterback and defensive end in C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr, which gives their roster some fresh faces.

However, the Texans are still rebuilding.

Prediction: Steelers take advantage of a rebuilding team, win 28-13

WEEK 5: Ravens @ Steelers on Oct. 8

This is Lamar Jackson and Pickett’s first game against another.

The last time the Steelers and Ravens met, Pickett made some late game heroics that willed Pittsburgh to a 16-13 win. 

Meanwhile, Jackson hasn’t played the Steelers since Dec. of 2021.

Prediction: Pickett remains the hero as the Steelers beat Ravens 17-13


WEEK 7: Steelers @ Rams on Oct. 22

After winning the Super Bowl in 2022, the Rams struggled last season due to injuries.

With key pieces returning from injury in 2023, the Rams could return to that Super Bowl winning team form. 

Prediction: Rams return to their 2021 form, win 31-21

WEEK 8: Jaguars @ Steelers on Oct. 29 

Trevor Lawrence and Pickett face each other for the first time in their NFL careers in this week eight game.

But this is not their first time meeting in their careers, as Pickett and Lawrence played in the ACC Championship in 2018 — a game that all Pitt fans will want to forget, as Lawrence and the Tigers trounced Pickett and the Panthers 42-10.

Prediction: Jaguars make Pitt fans remember 2018, win 38-34 

WEEK 9: Titans @ Steelers on Nov. 2

The Titans enter 2023 with many unanswered questions about their future. 

They have Derrick Henry, who is perennially among the league’s best running backs, along with a solid defense. But they struggle at other positions, mainly quarterback.

Prediction: Steelers show why quarterback play is vital in the NFL, win 27-23

WEEK 10: Packers @ Steelers on Nov. 12

The Packers are hoping their process of drafting a quarterback, letting him sit behind a star quarterback for multiple years to learn, then become a star himself after works again. 

It worked with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, but will it work with Jordan Love?

If it does, they will love it. If not, they will look stupid letting a future Hall of Fame QB leave.

Prediction: Steelers make the Packers regret trading Rodgers to the Jets, win 29-27

WEEK 11: Steelers @ Browns on Nov. 19

There is not a single combination of teams in the AFC North that have good feelings toward one another, making it even tougher to win two games against the same AFC North opponent.

Prediction: Browns show how hard it is to win multiple games against the same AFC North team, win 17-13

WEEK 12: Steelers @ Bengals on Nov. 26

There are many similarities between Pickett and Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow — mainly because they were both late bloomers in college who led their respective colleges to historic seasons.

Can Pickett show that he’s on par with Burrow in this game? 

Prediction: Pickett outplays Burrow, Steelers win 35-24

WEEK13: Cardinals @ Steelers on Dec. 3

The Cardinals have the pieces of a great team in the 2023-2024 NFL season, but there are many questions around them.

When does Kyler Murray return from his injury? Will Budda Baker or Deandre Hopkins get traded? What is the Cardinals play style under new coaching?

Prediction: Steelers get their job done, win 24-10

WEEK 14: Patriots @ Steelers on Dec. 7

These are two teams that don’t care how ugly their play looks, just as long as they win.

Prediction: Steelers outlast Patriots, win 10-6

WEEK 15: Steelers @ Colts on Dec. 17

Last year, Matt Ryan was on the last legs of his career just fighting to stay alive. 

But this season, Anthony Richardson will have fresh legs and bring fresh energy to a Colts organization that has needed a rookie QB for years.

Prediction: Steelers defeat a rejuvenated Colts team, win 27-13

WEEK 16: Bengals @ Steelers on Dec. 23

I will reiterate this over and over — it is not easy to beat an AFC North team twice in a season, and the Steelers will be trying to do that in this game. 

Prediction: Bengals outlast the Steelers, win 38-28

WEEK 17: Steelers @ Seahawks on Dec. 31

Most important note on this game — former Pitt quarterback Pickett against former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

Prediction: Steelers and Pitt fans rejoice as Pittsburgh wins 13-9

WEEK 18: Steelers @ Ravens on Jan. 7

In the past five meetings between the Steelers and Ravens, the most points either team has scored is 20. So, if the trend holds true, this game will follow suit.

Prediction: Ravens win the slugfest 18-14