The Reserves sound like The Fray

By Larissa Gula

Band: The Reserves

Album: Life

Grade:… Band: The Reserves

Album: Life

Grade: B-

Label: The Reserves Music

Rocks like: An upgraded version of The Fray

The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” holds true for CDs as well. The cover of Life by The Reserves is a bland image of a road. It hardly stands out on the CD rack, but when the music is playing the tunes are catchy and fairly enjoyable.

The opening track, “Ghost Writer,” kicks off with some upbeat drums and guitar over what sounds like an organ in the background. A little bit odd, but it certainly gives this first track a sound that stands apart from other albums. The track features lyrics about “not wearing your heart on your sleeve,” and the “the world not being ready for your dreams.” The song begs the question of what someone wants to be, playing like a storybook.

Other tracks have similarly strong beats, like “Red Eye.” Not all of the songs feature organs like the first — the album shifts from organ to piano to guitar. The band showcases their mastery of all three throughout the CD.

Vocally, singers Dave Greksouk and Mike Durham don’t do a bad job. Though they don’t always enunciate, making vocals difficult to understand, they aren’t the worst offenders, by far. Their voices are low and whispery and do an interesting job of setting the mood as they harmonize with the music.

All in all, these guys know what they’re doing. So here’s the lesson: don’t judge by album covers or CD titles.