AM Taxi’s latest doesn’t stand a ‘Chance’

By Larissa Gula

AM Taxi

We Don’t Stand A Chance

Virgin Records

Sounds Like:… AM Taxi

We Don’t Stand A Chance

Virgin Records

Sounds Like: Ballyhoo!

Grade: C

AM Taxi does not stand out from the crowd, and the album title We Don’t Stand A Chance might be more foreboding than it intended.

The lead singer has an average voice, with vocals that aren’t outstanding — but not quite awful, either.

The band’s sound is eclectic, playing smoothly one minute and “rocking” with a rough-and-tough beat the next. Yet even this isn’t done well enough to earn an above-average approval.

AM Taxi tries to alter pitch and tone with what one has to assume is an attempt at changing emotion within the song. This only manages to sound repetitive in chord choice, essentially creating an album of the same song repeating over … and over … and over.

Once in a while there are a few bars moved about in an attempt to create a new tune, but it’s not enough change to make that same old song into a brand new song.

Worst of all are the mediocre lyrics. AM Taxi hardly lives up to its rock genre with songs like “Mistake” lamenting, “I will be the razor, baby/I will be the pill/I am the ambulance that never comes/The antidote you spill.” Really? That’s all you could come up with?

It’s time to dub this band AM “Average Music” Taxi. They have not created anything awe-inspiring or moving — at, least not this time around.