Papa Da Vinci offers works of pizza art

By Joselyn Meehan

Papa Da Vinci

3526 Blvd. of the Allies

Pittsburgh, Pa., 15213


Hours: Sunday… Papa Da Vinci

3526 Blvd. of the Allies

Pittsburgh, Pa., 15213


Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Want to know how to crack the Papa Da Vinci code? Just remember that those watching their weight are not welcome, and napkins are a must.

As if the creative geniuses of pizza toppings sat down and asked, “What could taste amazing on pizza?” chicken strips, tomatoes, onions, black olives, spinach, feta cheese, garlic butter sauce, french fries, bacon and (don’t forget) imported Danish ham all make delicious appearances on the various pies at a new South Oakland pizzeria.

Nestled next to Monro Muffler Brake and Service on Boulevard of the Allies, Papa Da Vinci is the new kid on the block and is so far serving its primarily college-student customer base with scrumptious combinations that set it up to be the next late-night destination that keeps partying Mona Lisas smiling untiltheir appetite for pizza is met.

Okay, enough of the lame Da Vinci puns, before I start making Leonardo Ninja Turtle references.

I ventured to Papa Da Vinci around 11 a.m. before Thanksgiving break, dressed in sweatpants and ready to expand my stomach in preparation for the upcoming holiday.

A loyal feasting companion and myself decided to begin our binge with pepperoni rolls reasonably priced at $6.49.

Think juicy pepperoni bundled in light dough that has been coated with mouth-watering butter and garlic and dusted with Parmesan cheese, waiting to be plunged into a signature tangy marinara sauce.

After two rolls each, my companion and I were ready for round two.

There was a special price for a small (9-inch) two-topping pizza and 20 oz. drink for $7.99, so we ordered that, with extra cheese and pepperoni, accompanied by garlic dipping sauce.

We also wanted to get a small gourmet pizza but had trouble choosing from the menu that featured such unique choices as a Philly steak pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, Hawaiian pizza, Mediterranean pizza, etc.

We ultimately decided on a small signature Papa Da Vinci pizza ($8.99) that comes with pepperoni, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, black olives, green peppers, sausage and bacon.

The service was quick, and it wasn’t long before we were indulging in our meals, which was an appropriate size (perhaps a little too much).

The smalls are perfect for one person with a big appetite, or two who’d like to eat an appetizer beforehand or save room for dessert.

The gourmet pizza lived up to its name and had a wonderful taste — a blend of sweet and tangy (onions, green peppers) and salty (bacon).

The pizzas were greasy, but the taste makes you forget the inevitable calorie intake.

We decided to finish our meal with two fresh canoli (two for $3.19), and my tummy thanked me — my butt did not.

By this point I was over-satisfied and felt the desire to lay down for a well-deserved mid-day siesta.

Papa Da Vinci also serves a host of menu items besides pizza such as gyros, hoagies, pasta, wings and wraps.