Drag queens rock Union

By Becky Reiser

‘You know, when you put on a dress, gender just gets blurry.’

Pitt alumnus Veronica Bleaus… “You know, when you put on a dress, gender just gets blurry.”

Pitt alumnus Veronica Bleaus and members of Pitt’s Rainbow Alliance celebrated this sentiment at the group’s drag show Thursday evening.

Drag queen Veronica Bleaus, or John Musser, a fourth-year participant, co-hosted the show with drag king Christopher Crash, Rainbow Alliance’s vice president Kelly Coburn.

All 11 acts performed in drag served not only to entertain the audience of an estimated 550, but also to raise money for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force.

The event raised $1,350, exceeding the goal of $1,200. Last year the group brought in $1,140 for the non-profit organization.

Crash began the show, lip-syncing with painted facial hair to New Found Glory’s ‘King of Wishful Thinking.’

Bleaus continued her tradition of performing to Kylie Minogue. She performed dressed as a nurse in the beginning of the show and later changed into her ‘Vana White’ midnight-blue, floor-length evening gown.

Throughout the show, people gathered around the catwalk in the William Pitt Union dining room to donate $1 bills.

A crowd favorite was new performer Thaddus ‘Thad’ Geissneis, or Clarisse Wells, who danced with a fedora and three piece suit during Michael Buble’s ‘Sway’

Queen Stella Hallowell, or Brendin Rogers, performed for the second year in her classic pink Tina Turner-esque wig. Hallowell wore 5-inch thigh-high black patent leather boots, which she broke in by wearing them from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. Tuesday — even to class.

Hallowell said the sole reason she decided to perform again was to raise money for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, although she does like seeing straight men’s reactions to the show.

“I like to fudge the lines between femininity and masculinity. Why can’t I wear a dress and still be a man?” said Hallowell.

Newcomer Callie Fauxnia, or Rose Malloy, sang opera from ‘Dolce Suono’ and later, ‘Anything Goes.’ Fauxina entered the stage fully covered and left wearing only a sequined dance costume. Fauxnia performed as a ‘faux queen.’

According to Bleaus, this means she is a female dressing up in drag, or a “woman to the 10th power.”

Dominique Da’Hoe dazzled the audience with her magic tricks and baton twirling during Britney Spear’s ‘Circus’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Pokerface.’

Da’Hoe, or Dempsey Young, brought along an assistant and a curtain to change behind. She teased the audience with her strip routine, which revealed Da’Hoe down to her black leotard and leggings.

The evening ended with an appearance by The Bangher Brothers, or Ariel Fisher, Shannon Black and Joy Horner in wigs as the Jonas Brothers performing to ‘Burnin’ Up.’ Their performance included promise rings and a screaming fan onstage.