Letter to the Editor 3/6/09 #1

By Pitt News Staff

To the Editor, ‘ ‘ ‘ I am writing in response to Erik Hinton’s column, ‘Print comics the… To the Editor, ‘ ‘ ‘ I am writing in response to Erik Hinton’s column, ‘Print comics the opposite of comic.’ I’m not sure what got into Hinton’s craw about print comics, but to say that these comics are simply ‘awful’ is just simple-minded. ‘ ‘ ‘ Hinton should note that most newspapers are not aimed at today’s young people, but rather at the older generations who grew up with these comics. Despite what some people might think, the world doesn’t revolve around our generation. ‘ ‘ ‘ Secondly, Hinton never tells us what constitutes ‘modern’ in the sense of illustration or style of humor. The fact that he wants the styles to change is also laughable: The style of a comic is in large what defines it. ‘ ‘ ‘ What I find the funniest about this whole piece, though, is that it’s printed in a newspaper that doesn’t have that great of a selection of its own comics. I modify a quote from his article: ‘Yeah, see, every day, a cow makes some random joke to some random alien and the punch line is always based off the word ‘moo.’ Also, the panels are the exact same thing over and over again each week, with the last panel always displaying an awkward pause panel!’ ‘ ‘ ‘ I laugh at the notion of this comic ‘contributing anything stimulating’ to the paper. The decent comics, ‘King Jember’ and ‘Slice of Life’ are either on strike or rarely appear. Hinton probably doesn’t like these comics anyway. They’re too ‘traditional.’ ‘ Tim Pittman, School of Arts and Sciences