Borza-Adams doubles team stays undefeated

By Robbie Kleinmuntz

The Pitt tennis team swept Villanova 7-0 on Friday to improve its Big East record to 5-0. The… The Pitt tennis team swept Villanova 7-0 on Friday to improve its Big East record to 5-0. The win gave the team a big boost in confidence. ‘This is the most success we’ve had at this point of the season, and we have higher expectations than any other team I’ve been on,’ said senior Kristy Borza. With another win, Borza and sophomore Elizabeth Adams improved their season record to 13-0 at No. 1 doubles, and they are looking forward to playing some tougher opponents. ‘I’ve never been more confident than I have been playing with [Adams],’ said Borza. ‘I know when walking onto the court we have a shot at winning every match. We cannot wait to play a top team.’ When they are playing their best, the Panthers believe they are one of the top teams in the conference, said Borza, who holds the school record with most singles matches (90) and doubles matches (81) won. Doubles has been a strength for Pitt (10-3) all year. It has won in doubles in all but one match this season. Since junior Sabrina Visram’s injury, Senior Christie D’Achille and junior Shannon Benic have been paired and are now 6-0 together. ‘Winning in doubles is so important because then you don’t have to win the majority of the singles matches,’ said Borza. Visram had surgery for her torn ACL last Wednesday and will miss the rest of the season. ‘That is obviously a hard hit to the team. She was playing the best tennis of her career and whipping through people,’ said Borza. ‘Any time [Visram] stepped on the court, I counted that as a for-sure win.’ The loss of Visram caused other players to move up in the singles lineup and gave them a chance to step up. Freshman Minh Evans is now playing No. 3 singles, which is the highest she’s ever played. ‘[Evans] has worked her tail off in order to bring her game up to the level of play of No. 3 singles,’ said Borza. Pitt is now 13-6 all time against Villanova and has won seven of the last eight meetings. The Panthers play at Carnegie Mellon on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.