Pitt suspends four for alleged rioting

By Michael Macagnone

‘ Four Pitt students face up to a year-long suspension from the University after allegedly… ‘ Four Pitt students face up to a year-long suspension from the University after allegedly participating in the post-Super Bowl riots. ‘ ‘ ‘ The four students are currently considered ‘persona non grata’ and not allowed on the Pitt campus pending a judicial hearing, said Robert Hill, vice chancellor of public affairs.’ ‘ ‘ The punishments will be determined in each students’ judicial hearing and may vary from a full year of suspension to fines and community service. ‘ ‘ ‘ Some students may be cleared of any responsibility in the riots. None of the students are facing expulsion, Hill said. ‘ ‘ ‘ A fifth student has also been recommended for suspension, pending a hearing. An additional 19 face lesser sanctions, Hill added. Damages estimated ‘ ‘ ‘ The University decided that the initial repair estimates, calculated by outside contractors, were too high and decided to do the repairs ‘in house.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Instead of the initial estimates totaling more than $100,000 for repairs, the University estimates the cost to be between $47,000 and $48,000, Hill said. A large part of the cost stems from set hourly rates for Facilities Management staff, he said. ‘ ‘ ‘ Damaged tables and pavement and the six broken window outside of the Hillman Library have been replaced. Facilities Management staff also removed graffiti from the Music Hall, the Barco Law building and from around Hillman Library. The University replaced trash cans and ash trays near Clapp and Posvar halls. ‘ ‘ ‘ All of the damaged buildings have insurance, but it has yet to be determined how much the University will be paying out of pocket, said Hill.