Letter to the Editor 2/27

By Pitt News Staff

To the Editor, ‘ ‘ ‘ I am writing in response to the ‘Obama’s policies strip liberties’ column… To the Editor, ‘ ‘ ‘ I am writing in response to the ‘Obama’s policies strip liberties’ column by Giles Howard. I couldn’t agree more with what Howard wrote. It’s nice to see someone advocating the return of personal liberties as opposed to more government intervention in light of the ‘economic crisis.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ When the government steps in to take control of the economic situation, it only ends up making matters worse. The laws of economics can be likened to the laws of physics ‘mdash; you can’t break them without consequences. ‘ ‘ ‘ When the government tries to curb the current recession by printing money and creating government jobs, it is doing the exact opposite of what should be done. Through inflation, the value of the dollar decreases, thus driving up the prices of goods and services. Essentially this means our dollar buys us less. Additionally, creating more government jobs is useless because the government does not produce any tangible goods and services and thus does not contribute to increasing our GDP. ‘ ‘ ‘ In order to recover from the current recession, the free market must be allowed to cleanse itself of the rampant mal-investments present in many aspects of our economy. While this may mean struggling through a mild depression, it will pale in comparison to the one we will surely suffer if the government is allowed to continue on its current course of action. ‘ ‘ ‘ Steven Chiado School of Engineering